Campaign Rules

Campaign Rules (v1.1) for Tales of Tolgard

The motivation for these rules is to maintain an immersive experience that is supportive of the rich narrative being provided. Disruptive behavior is not supportive of this goal.

Failure to follow the provided rules will result in the DM addressing the issue with the player followed with ejection from the campaign from over abuse. You must agree with all campaign rules before being allowed to join.

  • Acknowledgement that every action within the game has consequences.
    • If you kill guards, you’re going to get a reputation among the different cities that you’re ruffians or anarchists. If you kill mercenaries all the time, don’t expect a warm reception with other mercenaries. If you’re rude or demanding to leadership of settlements, word will spread. I typically let the characters blaze their own path but realize the implications of your choices.
  • You can not use any out of character information about the world you are in
    • If you run across an NPC that you may have met with a different character, you can’t use that information. Same with any other information about settlements, creatures, magic items, etc. If you need to know if your character knows something, ask the DM and based on your knowledge skills and character experiences, what you know will be conveyed.
  • You can not utilize ridiculous/rude/mocking nicknames for NPCs or other characters.
    • For example you can’t mockingly call a character named Dillian by Dillbert because you think its funny. Exceptions where appropriate may be granted like a character skill revolving around mocking to pull aggro on any enemy. You may ask a player character if a nickname is OK but must respect their wishes if they don’t like it.
  • Character Creation and Advancement will need to be approved by the DM.
    • You can only utilize approved materials for character development and advancement. That list can be found here. Each new character should be worked on with the DM when possible and must be approved before becoming active. Each advancement shall be approved by the DM before becoming active. When building and advancing your character, focus should be on balanced game play that supports the story and would not be disruptive to the narrative. A min/max model as well as exploitation of rules and loop holes is not supportive of this focus on narrative and is strongly discouraged.
  • No excessive hogging of the DM’s time for side endeavors
    • The DM is responsible for running all aspects of the game world for all players. Spending too much time on one character or a small group of characters makes everyone else have to wait which makes the whole experience less interesting or immersive. I will make time for each of you but keep your side endeavors to a reasonable length.
  • You must commit to make attending campaign sessions a priority
    • I acknowledge that things come up, but every session that doesn’t happen because little things keep coming up, makes people lose interest in the narrative. Just like each member of the party relies on you to survive and be effective, the other players rely on you to be ready to play for each session. Absentee characters are typically not easy or effective to play by other players. If you miss more than a couple of sessions within a short period of time, we may make your spot in the campaign available to others who can commit to attending.
  • You must be active and attentive during the campaign sessions
    • It is disrespectful of the DM and other player’s time to be doing other activities during the game, especially if they affect your ability to interact within the world and make decisions. If you can’t commit your focus to the game, it may not be the best fit for your use of time.

Additional rules may be added at any point based on needs that arise. I can’t always forsee what kind of concerns may arise and wish to stay adaptive of new developments. You will be made aware of new rules with plenty of time before they take effect to allow for any need adapting. If you find the new rules to be unsatisfactory, you always have the option to discontinue participation.

Campaign Rules

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