hachae mushroom


Several thousand years ago, an expedition of shield dwarves from the Antiel Mountains in Xandain first explored Hachae (pronounced hŏk’ē) Mountain, before it became an island. While sheathed in a thick blanket of ice, the natural caves that riddled the mountains were warm and pleasant due to geothermal activity and the steam vents it produced. While noting the interesting mineral deposits in the cave wall, they stumbled across a new type of mushroom.

While relatively non-toxic and reasonably tasty, the mushroom did not seem to be anything special. As the harsh winter wore on and the passes were blanketed in impassable snow, supplies began to run low, especially the alcohol. Out of desperation, they tried fermenting the mushrooms with the last of their barley and hops and were pleasantly surprised by the result- it seems a special type of yeast grew with the mushrooms in the caves which made a fine drink. Hachae ale was born and a new dynasty of brewing began.

Hachae Mushrooms are not exported from Xandain except in the form of its namesake ale. Security is very tight and, although all efforts thus far to cultivate the mushrooms anywhere except Hachae have failed, the industrious dwarves there are not inclined to lose their monopoly on the popular thirst quencher.

Hachae Mushrooms only grow in and around Hachae Mountain in Xandain.


An illustration of the Hachae Mushrooms found within Hachae Mountain.

hachae mushroom

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