Tales of Tolgard

Session 73

Tharr’s rough notes:

Edge of the City – End of Day Kren 27th
Have until the 29th
Spellcraft on the column from the cathedral- not an effect I am aware of.
Aracana 31 – do not recall a spell effect that would be consistent with what I’m seeing
Religion 41 – nothing
Planes 33 – does not appear to be planar in nature
Nature 17 – appear to be consistent with a slow-moving whirlwind with extra darkness in it.

A lot of the people are very busy constructing new houses on the edge, or coming and going around the city towards the west.
As we move south- still people building on the buildings, but they are building up…
Does not appear to be any sewer grates.
Distinct smell of mud- most of the buildings are made of clay. Roads are mostly build of laid stones- relatively smooth.
Horses moving through the city- an occasional pile of horse dung
Fair amount of people cleaning up.
Almost all of it is basic- not too complex. Subtle as we progress- the clothing is getting better.
Don’t see anything besides housing.

LN – Azana
Buildings get taller as we go.
After an hour’s walk- a set of giant statues of Azana
Looked like people were dismantling the wall
The gate to the cathedral
No kids
No old people
A fair number of people have the holy symbol stitched into their clothes or wearing them
No other holy symbols
Racial mix of the people in town-
Consistent with what I’ve seen in the cities on this continent- fair mix of other races- dwarves and elves
Haven’t seen an Aasimar
Fair amount coming and going- a mix of everyone
Architecture on catherdral – 38- nothing even close to this architecture
Crystaline- semi-opaque piece of crystal
Cast detect magic- the whole cathedral has a residual effect on it- Transmutation
The statues appear to be some sort of stone material
Wall around the cathedral is also made of stone
The stone – geography – not consistent with the region currently in.
No guards
The last couple of blocks around the cathedral- city is laid out in a circular- those buildings converted to closer to shops.
Hit a trading place
No merchandise- just a counter with a large book and a guy
I facilitate trades…
I can give you five credits…

Mizuna and Unity
We are in the Unity district
We prefer the term Recently Returned- threw us into the slaughter
We weren’t required to join at all- I was asked in my previous form
Do you know the first ones- the ones that came out of the Rock Monster…
I don’t know the first ones- most of them work in the cathedral…

10 sheets of parchment – 2 credits
Do you have people that are not resurrected from ghosts- appeals to certain people.

Passing through the threshold, Zeffbot glowed
Entrance into the courtyard- lot of people coming and going.
Fountains, plants, people sitting around…
Inside it’s just as impressive- rows of seats.
Not fit everybody in here…
Someone in holy robes- are you here to participate in the service.
Step off into one of these side worship rooms…
The door closes and locks behind us. Tables in the corners with breads and some wines.
15 minutes Lynette comes in…

They work as some of our priests….

Amulet of – Resurrection one
Amulet of – Timestop one
Yes, using it as your focus will bring you directly back here.
Amulet of Retribution
It will have ingrained in it the symbol of Azana – suspended in a gem.

We’re not even sure if he still has it.
Plane the Concordant Domains of the Outlands
There are no energy or elemental traits to deal with
Muinomednap – does not resolve to anything in the Codex
Even there he’s gonna stand out- anti-society. Probably not directly in the Spire- I’m sure he made an impression.
Spire – kinda the thing there. You’ll see what I’m talking about. Head towards the spire.
If I have not heard back from you in a week, I will go looking for you to get you back.

She saw an opportunity here with the particular area- the minds of men are easily corrupted.
Ramirez is doing good things for us on other continents.
Complimentary breakfast in the courtyard
Run the mass constantly during most hours of the day.

Morning of the 28th
Excellent breakfast
2 Special azana potions for the true followers each

Chance officially converted over to Azana…
They took him off…
2 Azana potions and an Azana holy symbol.
Replaced the symbols on his gear.

Walked through the portal into Azana’s sanctum again.
The portal- 28- not sure what plane.
Spellcraft- heading to one of the outer planes

Walked through the portal

Relatively open space. Can see on almost every direction. Rolling hills. In the distance, we see a ridiculous pillar – massively thick and cannot see the top of it. There does not seem to be any light source- no sun, no clouds- but it is lit.
Looks to be made from the ground (the spire) – there are clouds. This plinth is visible from anywhere in the plane.
The gravity appears to be normal. Probably many hundreds of miles from the center.
An open field- see a city off to the side that is further away.
Sizable city- many hundreds of miles across. Mountains to the left, chasm to the right.

Paladin is going to pray for an hour. Zeff is carrying him. Walk 8 hours- absolutely certain that you are a lot closer to the city than we should be.
Don’t see any people or animals.
It’s dark. No sense of a moon or anything.
Felt like we were 50 miles away. Now we seem to be 10 miles away after traveling 16 miles.

Zeff’s got first watch with elf
Elf & Bear Monster
Chance and Tharr on 3rd watch
Trees and forests
Everything is more extreme – mountains and chasms

Ape and a corpulent boar. Feathered wings ridiculously small.

Session 72

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

I have the air stone
I got water from Chance
I got Earth and Fire from Garret.

Flew and placed the far two.
Then the second altar- placed the last two.
Clicking noise from the altar…
A wrapped-up satchel is in a compartment- both altars.
Inside the compartment, I see a satchel.
The satchels are not the same size.
Irregular shape in the two satchels. Leather satchel.
It seems to be 8 or 9 lbs.
Back to the second altar.
Carefully remove the second satchel- it weighs about the same.
I opened the far altar satchel- a smaller sack filled with gold coins, 2 fire opals, a dagger made of metal like the old hammer…
Garreth opened the second satchel- sack filled with gold coins, violet garnet, wrapped up tapestry made of fine wool and transparent crystal sphere, the size of a small plum, faintly glowing green.
The Paladin walked over and looked at the book- there was symbols on it…
I can’t read them either…
Upon the Paladin lifting the book up- there was a grinding noise…
The boulder grinding noise has stopped.
They seem to be gone…

It has changed color- instead of blue it is green.
Garreth threw a rock at the green thing.
Zeff went first… he disappeared…
I took the book and the Paladin and he went through the portal…
I poked my mace through the portal- it was stuck. I finally stepped through…
And the assassin was there…

Teleported to the RARE Office – hello, friends.
You must be talking about Nier Automoton….
Here is the bundle- 1400 gp, fire opal, violet garnet, pair of gauntlets, and a wand.
Buyer lined up for this- threw a couple of extra items in.
Gauntlets of Throwing- any handheld weapon 3Xs per day returning.
Wand – mage armor effect – 10 charges.

Teleported to Whisper
ZAG Office
Standing next to a half-obliterated chest.
Any jobs?
No jobs currently available. A couple of attic and basement cleaning jobs…

Wand *
Gauntlet *
Blue/Green Plum Stone *

3300 gp
1400 gp
3 fire Opals (1500 gp)
2 violet garnet (2000 gp)
Tapestry of fine wool (250 gp)
Wand of Mage Armor (10 charges) (75 gp)
Gauntlets of Weapon Throwing (1000 gp)
Plum Gem Stone (100 gp to ID) Orb of environmental adaptation. Hold the orb- sphere of protection- 5-30 feet, -50 and 140 F and their gear is protected. Works up to 7 days, then dormant for 7 days.
Metal Dagger (Adamantine) (1500 gp)

3300 + 1400 + 1500 + 2000 + 250 – 100 + 75 + 1000 + 1500 = 10925
10000/5 = 2000gp ea.
925/4 = 231.25

RARE guy comes in- an oversight – 5000 gp

Church of Azana – Chance was there making a donation…
Zeff owes me 3350 from the loan for the magic lemonade he drank.
Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath House…
15th of Kren
Message them- I’ll set it up- come back at sunset.
2000 gp from Zeff
(1350 gp left)
Group Loot: 30 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp
+400 gp for potions for party – from Zeff
+300 gp for potions for party – from Corvellus
Group Loot: 100pp, 10gp, 2sp, 3cp

Maximized Cure Light Potions 1d8+5 = 250gp –> 225gp for us with our 10% discount
Maximized Cure Moderate Potions 2d8+10 = 1000gp → 900gp for us with 10% discount
Maximized Cure Serious Potion 3d8+15 = 2250gp → 2025 gp for us with 10% discount

Got dark and we headed in…
Headed to the back room…
Met with Lynette- we are ready for training. If you are not finding your way to the other city, I won’t be back for several weeks.
Thanks to your information, we’ve found a city that needs us even more then here does…
We are bringing them back to the living state.
We train for 11 days in Whisper
Day 12- Teleport to Unity
The reason I say that there might be some difficulty is there are some organizations that are protesting what we are doing.
Azana is the Light and the Vengeance, she is the true path
14 days is the deadline
Kren 29th
Spent 11 days training – Kren 16th to Kren 26th

Group Loot: 100pp, 10gp, 2sp, 3cp
22 cure minor potion = 990 gp for them
Group Loot: 20gp, 2sp, 3cp

Bought Wand of Cure Light 50 charges (750 gp)
Lesser Restoration Potions (1500 gp)
Belt of Healing (675 gp)

There is no similar area within range of the spell.
Tried it again- ended up just outside of Unity.
Hit the road to the south and Azalia…
Kren the 27th
Travelled to Azalia
Made it there right at nightfall on the 27th
The city is massive- do not see the gates. The edge of the city is relatively small houses. There are no gates.
Most of the city is relatively flat- you see what might be gates about halfway into the city. Jutting out of the center of the city is a massive, truly massive cathedral- statues on the edge of the cathedral.
There is a strange weather pattern at the centre of the city- clouds coming out of the cathedral.
At the edge of the city there is new construction.
The buildings share a mix of southern and northern Keshuna techniques. Everything outside of the city is completely void of vegetation.
I get an uneasy feeling looking at the city.

Session 71

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

IKren 14th
We faced off against a huge stone statue….
I cast what I could – saved my biggest buff, but recitation, haste, chompers, several heals, and some want action.

I sent chompers over to push open the door.
Used my belt up on garreth and my last potions.
Tapped everyone in the party with bull’s strength, Cat’s grace, and bear’s endurance wands.

Got past the stones…

Session 70

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Kren 14th
Got back out- the doors had been pushed open towards us…
Out into the hall- gathering the rope into my bag.
Finished gathering my rope as an armored gorilla jumped out of a closet and attacked Chance.
Got attacked by 7 robo-guerillas

Finally managed to destroy them all so we all headed outside
I tried twice to get us teleported out.
Slept for the night- woke up and the assassin was gone

Got in- made an exit through the wall- and Garreth picked up the mountain.

Session 69

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Giant wolf spider with silver white eyes.
I moved on and secured the grabbling hook at the end of my 200’ of silk rope.

Theft detected blares in dwarven

Most of the party ended below
Dealing with spiders like before – phase spiders.
We got through the door and headed up the stairs…

Picked up the cloud token

New door- pair of switches facing West

Session 68

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Used a scroll, wand, and some potions to mostly heal up the assassin.

New person- an elf.
Seems to know about different kinds of potions.

I took a restoration potion and used my wand a couple of times- I’m back to full.

The assassin took some empty potion bottles and filled them with the Blue, the Green, and the Yellow liquid.
Gave the blue (clear) to the sorcerer.
Assassin threw the yellow (black) into the red pool.
The vial and liquid exploded, filling the room with a choking cloud.

I teleported away but the cloud advanced.

The assassin jumped in the yellow and got soaked.
Then over into the green since no air bubbles were coming up from the paladin…

Then Zeff went over to shake some yellow goo into the blue pool…
Started filling the room with blue foam.

I threw the smallest bead of a type IV fireball into the gas cloud
The gas ignites…
The foam protected Zeffbot
The paladin was under the green liquid not breathing…

The blue foam hit the red and the green- with the paladin still in it…

I dimensional doored over to the party, then got everyone around me and teleported out of the dungeon to the entrance.
The new elf disappeared in a mysterious cloud…

Then Garreth appeared and joined us.

Good night’s sleep and we headed back in.
Explored the other door from the entrance and found an open door leading to a large chamber.
Hit something and the whole floor shifted…

Session 67

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Cornelius worked on a trap on the door.
Humming noise.
Scratch marks going to the left and right. Soot in them.
The inserts appear to be of different spaces- glow
Teardrop = blue
Mountain = brown

Cloud = white
Flame = Red

Dropping from the ceiling- giant burning boulders- mechanical in nature. Made from various cogs and sitting on a track in the scratch marks.

I used my boots of big stepping. Surrounded by sparks, and there was a delay, but I teleported…
Opened the south door.
Inside we find a pedestal with a blue drop on it. Green goo pool, yellowish goo pool.
Humming had levelled out.

Red goo pool, blue goo pools.

Paladin grabbed to teardrop- the door slammed down.

We Cornelius opened the door, I saw a blood slime monster in there.

Spews forth a cone of viscous red acid.
-11 acid.
-2 con damage

Tried to cast a spell and it fizzled.
It knocked the human to the ground. The Human stood took a knee and attacked its foot. It pushed him back into the yellow slime.
Chance dove into the yellow pool with Chance…
Got a close wounds on Zeff- the monster hit him and he dropped, but didn’t die.

Got the monster into the tunnel- the acid kept hitting the rogue who was blocking it. I was just able to do enough healing to just stop him from dying.

Session 66

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

After 10 minutes the portal closes.
9th day of travel, Kren the 10th

Detect Magic – looking around where the portal was.
Residual magic in the direction of where the portal was, no other anomalies…

First Watch – Tharr – with Assassin
Second Watch – Human
Third Watch – Paladin & Assassin

Travel Day 10, Kren 11th
Peaceful Travel
Peaceful Night

Travel Day 11, Kren 12th
Mid-day happen upon a small coastal city- Xaveron

As you enter the city, the streets seem empty. Commotion coming from the centre of the city.
Eastward- getting louder. Entering the last district- suddenly surrounded by lots of activities. A festival.
Silks, fabrics, fish, spices. Multiple stages where people are performing.
Harbour festival.
½ way through- hard to progress.

Bought some fried fish -8 gp.
Wave and Ship Inn

Melvin’s Maps
Sea Faring Maps, Surrounding hunting maps, and south keshuna region
6 gold for all three
Artisan Dungeon – not sure.
Check out over in the core district- Dusty Tomes
Checked the Codex on Artisan Dungeon- no listing…
Back to the core district – to Dusty Tomes, appears to be closed. Notice in the door- at the festival- check back tomorrow.
-5gp for room

Everyone picked up a dusty tome. Mine was on interesting sites in the area, including the ruin in question.

Took some doing but we made it to the location of the entrance. It took some time for the custom key from RARE to do its job, but the vibrations built and created some kind of portal into ruins. Strangely, the portal did not detect as magical…

Session 65

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Killer / Chance

Day 3 of travels – 4th Kren
Mid-day – walking down the road.
Little girl on a road side stand?

Glass of lemonade
Deck of cards
Sooty looking piece of coal rock

4000 gold each.
The value is within.

-3350 to Zeff
Corvellus kicked in 450
Zeff kicked in 200

It was an orb- I’m sure that customer can see the value within.
We have a no return policy.
A glow to his complexion.

She pulls an egg out and puts it on the counter.
After we walk away- thank you for your business. Hands the sooty rock to no one.

Moving on…
Through the day.
Set up camp

Early the 5th- 3rd watch.
Looking into the fire – feeling like there’s a message in the flames for me.
Message or inspiration for someone or something.
A series of symbols or runes- nothing I’ve ever seen before…

Day 4 of travel, 5th of Kren
Mostly uneventful- passed by a caravan coming from Xaveron
The driver doesn’t really stop

Set up camp
While sleeping…
The runes – vivid dream – See a giant city surrounded by nothingness. A pillar of light shooting from the centre of the city. Feeling that something is growing or building in this city- not sure how I feel. Sense of uneasiness- don’t understand- something is telling me that there is information that is missing- some part of that is not understood. Coming out of that dream- not really sure how to interpret it.
Know: Engineering- very reminiscent of north and south keshuna, a mixture of both. The central spire or building- resembles nothing I have ever seen- ever.

Day Five of travel – 6th of Kren
Set up camp

Day six travel – 7th of Kren
Distinct sound of flapping wings in the sky behind us.

2 large red dragons

It’s been very difficult catching up with you…
You’ve all been very difficult to catch up with- always walking, running, disappearing…

Sorry for the inconvenience- what can we do for you gentlemen
First off, don’t go trying to get away again

Z: You’ve tracked us down, finally- what do we need to do?
D: We have committed great resources to track you down- listen to what we have to say.

A while ago we sent an emissary to speak with you- and you decided to smack him in the face. We razed a city because you were there- you would not listen.

D: There is a great change coming to our world- the fabric, the flow- your group is at the center of this.
This one feels wrong.

It was Ramirez, Chance, Zeffbot, and Tharr back then.
You reek of unnatural.
This change coming to the world- we don’t know what it is- but it is linked to you.
Our first messenger was met with less than friendly conditions.
We represent a conglomeration that has far reaches everywhere.
Certain things seem masked, hidden from us.
It must be Lynette.
She’s hanging with Azana.
Handed him the note.
We shall take this back to our leadership.
Shared we’re heading to Xaveron and then to Enillos.
They asked for one of us to go with them.
Killer said he would go with them.
We accept your offer.

We are being tasked by the Collection to determine the source and threat level of this anomaly.
We have worked with the lore master before.
I bought this rock.
We don’t know why your particular group seems to be the center of this.
Suggested they reach out to the Loremaster.

Set up camp
Kren 8 – Travel Day 7

Set up camp

Kren 9 – travel day 8
Set up camp
3rd watch

Hear whispering behind the rocks.
A portal opens up.
A giant centipede comes out of the portal. Then a dinosaur and then eats the centipede.
Rex ate the paladin & fighter.

After 10 minutes the portal closes.
Kren the 10th

Session 64

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Kren 1st

Teleported group to Deepshade

The outpost- beginning of a little town down below. A number of lumber camps/mills.
It has an inn.
General Store.

Are you kidding- with the kind of defenses they have around here?

Have you seen C&C – one of them is the leader of the guard.
Cuthwin goes about checking that everything is secure.

Kren 2nd
ZAG – no
RARE – no

10 ½ days to Xaveron
First day…
End of the day, as we were about to stop for the night..
Stopped, about to set up camp
Killar leaned against a tree- it fell over, (rotten), hit another tree, hit a boulder- down the hill and hit a hut… What the hell!

A pair of simian appearance giants.
Two Hill giants

Avenge Terrence

The other giant walked over, pulled Terrence off of him, and wept.
Chance stood and laid on hands…
Then Zeff Human pulled out his battleaxe and charged him- chop
Corvellus felt genuine sorrow over the possible loss of Terrence and was glad all worked out for the best. . .well, except for the state of the hut.

Greg and Richard- two little puppies

I healed Terrence
They take a front door and hold it over them to stay out of the rain.

Day 2 peaceful
Day 2 night peaceful
Day 3… rolled 100


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