Tales of Tolgard

Session 64

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Kren 1st

Teleported group to Deepshade

The outpost- beginning of a little town down below. A number of lumber camps/mills.
It has an inn.
General Store.

Are you kidding- with the kind of defenses they have around here?

Have you seen C&C – one of them is the leader of the guard.
Cuthwin goes about checking that everything is secure.

Kren 2nd
ZAG – no
RARE – no

10 ½ days to Xaveron
First day…
End of the day, as we were about to stop for the night..
Stopped, about to set up camp
Killar leaned against a tree- it fell over, (rotten), hit another tree, hit a boulder- down the hill and hit a hut… What the hell!

A pair of simian appearance giants.
Two Hill giants

Avenge Terrence

The other giant walked over, pulled Terrence off of him, and wept.
Chance stood and laid on hands…
Then Zeff Human pulled out his battleaxe and charged him- chop
Corvellus felt genuine sorrow over the possible loss of Terrence and was glad all worked out for the best. . .well, except for the state of the hut.

Greg and Richard- two little puppies

I healed Terrence
They take a front door and hold it over them to stay out of the rain.

Day 2 peaceful
Day 2 night peaceful
Day 3… rolled 100

Session 63

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

We teleported to the gate of the town.

Headed to the lady’s house.

Give me a moment to draft up a letter to take to the guild.
Handed us a sealed letter.
Had some tea and crumpets.
Headed out…

Back to the inn to rest. Ran into Azelia…

She shared about the amulet and the dragon.
Got about a month before she goes elsewhere.

Plain looking elf with long hair and blue eyes. Chainmail.
Camel’s Rest – 2 sp per night, another with meal.

Woke up. 2 restorations on the monk- healed…

Kren 1st
Job 34 (Gold Fireopal) → 37 jobs next

That woman would not leave us alone!
Here’s the reward…
Bucket ‘o Treasure
Bronze music box with inset pearls (2500 gp)
M Scroll (cure serious wounds) (200 gp)
M Smooth deep blue crystal that’s warm to the touch – Greater crystal of screaning. Protects against incorporeal foes. -10 to touch attacks against. No restriction. (1500 gp)
Dragon Hide Buckle shoes with electrum buckles (2500 gp)
Fire opal (1000 gp)
Necklace with pink pearl (2500 gp)
Violet garnet (500 gp)
M Tan bag – feel something furry. Creates and animal if tossed. 10 animals a week. (3150)
1650 gold
179 platinum

Job board empty
-200 ID fee

4332.5 ea.

Onto Whisper
We arrived
Zeff tried to run- they all grappled him and dragged him to Azana

He got resurrected as a human
As did the other three ghosts that were with him

Session 62

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Wondering through the fog- hear Zeff having a conversation in front of us.
Zeff is talking to himself…
I cast fly and flew up.
Caimin Sithigh
He says he was born in 2287
He is human

A fair amount of human shaped figures are around us- the fog has lightened up a little bit.
We can see the edge of the wall- ruins, piles of armor- little is naturally occurring.

I checked the map- looking at the landmarks- pretty close. Want to head westward. Maybe an hour.

Had some issues with ghosts- managed to run away from them.
Zeff picked up two more hitch hikers

A terrible roaring from above- from the south. Giant flapping wings fall above.
Dimensional door 800 feet that way.

As we arrived at the location…
Nothing but a faintly glowing sphere of light.
4 of them show up and attack.

These are wisp like creatures that feed of the panicked emotions.

Search the body- found the amulet.
Family crest on the armor. Took that part.

We teleported to the gate of the town.

Session 61

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Near opaque whiteness.

Zeff’s harness and two other ropes leading away.
Darker and lighter shades swirl around us.
Tied myself to the monk
The fog lightens up and we see a structure in the distance…

We heard a scream- the sound of a woman?
We headed towards the scream
A long dead skeleton about where we found the skeleton

The skull of the body looks to have been bludgeoned. Bits of the back of the skull on the ground.

Headed towards the building. A tower- the door is slightly ajar. Cannot see the top. The stonework looks to be vary old.
It does not seem to match the architectural style from northern keshuna or southern keshuna
Seen this style in Amawa. Perhaps a little light coming from within…
We headed in.
Slight rumbling noise- bass noise.
Can’t quite place the bass sound to something I’d heard before.
We headed in. Magical torches all around.

Headed up the spiral staircase. Quite a distance.
An elvish woman sitting at the desk.
Did I leave the door open again?
Get in and close the door.

I’ve been working on this project for several weeks now.
How long has the tower been here?
I had it built so I would not be disturbed.
We introduced ourselves…
Ariawyn Fenhorn
Typical elf, not like Sweaty Ballz

We’re a little lost- where exactly is this tower located?
Just outside of Emerald.
Where is Emerald?
A couple days east of Raindrop. Near Emerald.

We thought we were south of Unity.

Does you tower move?
I think this should be on the other side of the road…
A pair of legs sticking out the side of the tower…
Trousers and boots…

Glass orb out of her robes- rolls a little bit.
Headed up- screeching noise coming from the walls all around us. Like scraping pieces of metal.
Footsteps coming down…
Did it work?

The woman standing before us does not look the same…
Now she looks dressed entirely different with different colored eyes and hair.
But you both look different…

Work for that woman? She frequently stops in Raindrop to find help.
Heard the distinct sound of water. Water coming under the door.
She said- let me go check the hatch on the top…
Okay- the top is barely above the waterline…

She pulled another lever- heard a wooshing sound.
The water’s pooled on the ceiling…
Slight echoing noise…
A landscape that goes lightly upwards- giant red ball of fire in the center.

Oh, here’s the reset button- close the door…
Everything around stops suddenly- stretches- good awful noise and black out…

A scorched pattern of a tower.
Paper floats down- Hey, I found a reset button. Hopefully this got you back where you need to be

Hit in the head by something that fell from the sky
On the back- “Something for your troubles- thank you for your help. I didn’t know it did that.”
Some sort of trinket- a couple of inches. Made from some sort of gem.

Ariawyn’s tower
Loremaster’s Codex

Session 60
Session 59

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Mai 22nd

Heading back to the Stone’s Throw Inn.
We entered the Inn.
There is someone we recognize- Lynette was sitting at a table with an intellectual type.
I’m having a business meeting so- if you’ll excuse me.

Headed to the bar.
Dwarven spirits
Dwarf head stout. 30 gp for the gallon bottle/jug.
Dwarven Garnet Wine.
Lynette headed over to the cabin to talk to Schlotty

The night progresses.
5cp for the stew
Zeffbot headed outside.

Mai 23rd
Left Chance at the bar in case the lady showed up.
I headed to a cartographer’s shop
Mizunah’s Maps

Most of the Forsaken Land is unmapped.
Map of the city – 3gp
Map of South Koshuna – 3gp

Not a whole lot that occurred any further north or south
Headed over to the ZAG base- nothing going on. Hasn’t been by- any new jobs?

Headed back to the inn.
Working on the second volume of the Raider’s of the Forsaken Dragon.

Mai the 24th
A woman comes into the Inn asking for people matching our description

The guild sent me over here.
Lyre Chaemoria

I’ve been trying to find somebody to enter the forsaken battlegrounds to recover a family heirloom that my brother had worn into battle. When he was killed we were unable to recover it. It wasn’t until many, many years after the war we were able to learn from his commanding officer to learn what part of the battleground he was on.
Many thousands of soldiers on both sides died there.
He had a pendant on him. It has out family crest on it. She showed me the symbol- I copied the symbol down. It is made of a silver alloy. It is magical.
She made a note on our map of the area.
Not interested in anything else on him or his body.
Dangerous for the residual energies.
Pretty evenly matched (the battle). The losses occurred over multiple battles in the region- thousands of bodies.
Her necklace is made out of silvery metal. Not the same enchantment- it was done before he went to fight to give him some protection. From swords.
Standard uniform – South Keshuna.
The commander is far past retired. May not even be alive.
Note the name of his division.
(mid day)
Can find me in Unity at this address (wrote it down).
Lesser Restoration – 300 gp

People with Pyramids on their shirts- buy by the hundreds
Bought 7 of them

Two to Chance and Two to Killer
He snaps his finger and the cabin disappears.
Nine horses with a water elemental on their tabard.

Killer wants to come back
Scwhetty Ballz wasn’t sure about coming back

First half day goes by without events.
Schlotty summoned his cottage again.
Slept in the cabin.

New day
Mai 25th
Magical horses- full day of travel without incident.
The surroundings get progressively scarcer. Light brush but this area has seen activity in the past.

New Day
May 26th
Magical horses – a couple hours into the trip the shrubbery and grassy fields drop to a near flat, trampled fields. Mid-morning- the light has pretty much been killed by a very thick fog as far as we can see.
Not that far off the road- piles and piles of worn and destroyed equipment and disturbed earth.
A sense of dread enveloped us.
Schlutty said we should speed up.
Speed up a bit.
Corner of our eyes- fog seems to twirl and twist. Look at it directly- nothing is happening…

A number of creatures- soldiers in heavy armor – hazy figures
Some before us, some behind us- different uniforms.
They passed through us to come together to battle.

Sketched the South Keshuna uniforms on a piece of parchment

Session 58

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Arrived Whisper on Mai 21st with the corpses of the Ramirez and Chance being carried by ZeffBot.

Spent my healing spells to heal up and crashed.

May 22nd –
Cast Speak with Dead on Chance

Chance has: 307 gp, 8 sp
Would bringing Karl Chance back from the dead be a happy event for the Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon?
You must prepare for the return of a fallen ally.

Would bringing Ramirez back from the dead be a happy event for the Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon?
Such an activity would be bitter sweet.

Ramirez: 20-30k gear, 3k in coins and gems

Dropped Ramirez’s guild ring off at the Guild
ZAG Guild –
It is an experience of the profession that sometimes we don’t all come back from the battle.

Reincarnation – 280
Raise Dead – 950
Ressurrect cost for a follower – 1400
True Ressurect – 6530

Temple of Azana – busy as ever
Is Lynette around? I think she was waiting for all of you up in Mizunah
She’ll probably be back in a day or so.
Is Azana around? She doesn’t come out anymore.
Ramirez is dead and we lost another party member- looking to resolve those issues.
He’ll relay that message- come back in the afternoon.

Went with Zeff to buy some rocks to heal himself.
Zeff fixed himself.

Headed back to Azana’s temple that afternoon.
Approach the head priest and a robed figure standing next to him.
Who’s your buddy here?
After talking to Azana she brought him back without his body.
Head Priest- Azana would be willing to bring him back for part of the reward for the last leg of the reward for it. She would advance us the cost.
We’re he a follower of Azana it would be different.
5000 gp for a friends and family discount.

3000 in coins and gems from Ramirez.
We paid Ramirez’s 3000 towards Chance’s resurrection.

Chance needs to pay back Zeff and Tharr 2000 gp.

Lynette came in from behind.
This is gonna take about 15 minutes to finish the spell.

Ramirez: Azana needs me for other project. Unfortunately your current mission and my current directive do not align.

4 potions – 2 may be lesser resurrection, 2 may be healing – 95% possible
32 Azana scrolls  Chance
2 cure moderate potions

Chance is back- Chance owes me 1000 and Zeff 1000 before the dragon payoff.
There appears to be a little bit of heat on your group.
The guy that we shot up that one time that had the amulet- he came about and we sent him away.
He knew better than to try anything in the temple. He has tracked you back here-
The guy with her resurrection amulet- the amulet triggered-

We had heard a report about an incident in the southern region – got trashed
Looked like a large group of dragons, not destroying everything- but looking for something.

Lynette did not send a green dragon to send us a message.

Lynette- I feel like a lot of this is your own doing…

I have come across in my time in Mizunah a couple of people in that town.

We create a main temple- create a magical connection between them.

Took the portal to Mizunah.
Dwarf looking to prove himself- punchy skill set-
Arcane is a pretty boy elf – He’s already a member of the zegaran adventurers

To the portal!
A room filled with half a dozen stone arches- portals in each except for two of them…
It reads Mizunah
The other arches reach – two nothing, the other three say: Enillos, Vulrenni, Bicchi, mystery text
I copied it down

Arcana- permanence effect on a teleportation circle

What’s that weird one with a funny name- that’s an important one to Azana and her order- that’s her giant room
I’ve never seen a language like that before?
Yes, that is a variant of celestial

Here is the address of where the elf and the dwarf is at this inn – written down.
The Stone’s Throw Inn in the Journey District
East out of town in the wilderness – 15 minutes travel.

A letter of introduction for both of them- they are both expecting you. Neither is following in the light of Azana…

Seek out the Zegaran Outpost here- a small place in the Stretch District
Walk down this road here- when it meets at the giant fountain- archway.
Chance gave one of the scrolls to the townsperson.

Stretch District- around a really large fountain. 8 Districts- Light and Shadow (temple), Coin and Purse, Stretch (Zegaran Adv. Guild), Journey (Stone’s Throw Inn), Homestead, Valor, Forrest, and Cloud.

Stretch District- find the ZAG symbol in front of a simple looking building- one story.
Headed in.
Are you with the pyramid group? No, were the Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon!
Guildmaster Gail
Managed to encourage – some job boards.
She seems a little fanatical- recover an heirloom from a fallen family member on the fields.
She comes in every couple of days or so.
She has already been in today. Shared for the lady we’d be in the Stone Throw’s Inn. She can ask after Tharr.

Head over to the Stone’s Throw Inn.
A dwarf is drinking in moderation.
Brown hair, beard, and eyes. Monk’s outfit.
Kilir Rockjaw
I passed him the letter of introduction- sent on behalf of the order of Azana and her glorious gloriousness…

Where are you from- Lancast in the Dwarflands

We find a cabin. Knock. The door opens- don’t see anyone there. Come in!
A small cabin with a table in the center with 8 stools. 2 sets of bunk beds, cots, fireplace.
Behind the writing desk is a gray haired, blue eyed gentleman drinking out of a mug.
God, Dwarves- I’ve worked with worst.
Fred, close the door- you’re letting a draft in!

Handed over the letter of introduction.
Schlotty Bodfast.
Moist! Where are you Moist?
A small, tiny water elemental comes up and gets on the desk.

Wearing a dark blue cloak, red and orange tunic that seems to move- the flames on it seem to move.

I’m from up in the mountains north of here- tend to not travel too much. Some of us decided to enjoy the elements and see the world. (Northern Keshuna). Takes out a pipe and starts puffing on it.

Elf said to come get him when we had more information. We headed back to the Inn…

Session 57

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Mai 20th

Walking along the road – made it to Silentbreeze. First visit.

Relatively large town. As we approach the town there are no roads exiting except for ours. The last bastion of civilization.
Surrounded by a thick wall- parts of the wall appear to have been damaged, but not recently- moss growing. Handful of guards standing at the gate. Dressed in guard armor – halfplate.

Walked up to the gate.

Greetings- welcome to Silentbreeze. The hunting to the west is usually what brings people here but we have a fair amount of items available in the market district.

The town has had a very colorful history- this was used as a stronghold many years ago to fend off the wildmen that live in the forests- but we haven’t had trouble with them for many generations.

Mostly keshikan humans- a typical mix of some of the other races.

Entered in one district- clear designations between districts- internal walls with gates. Came into initially seemed to have a lot of lodges and stores selling pelts and the like. Moved through towards the center of town- one towards a nice looking district with a manor at the top of a hill, to the left the market district, and a third to the right.

Selling art and pottery & produce.

Cartographer shop? Nope.

Lead District- headed over. Announcement boards- marraiges and deaths. A faire in the next couple of weeks. Help Wanted part of the board:
Work on a farm
Lost dog
Clear out some rodents
Ramirez put up a Azana scroll.

Headed to the address listed- in the Homestead district- found the house listed. An old lady answers…
She gave us a key to the cellar- 1 sp each.
15 X 30
A couple of shelves, a large pile of refuse, some wood, a barrel, and a crate.
Zeffbot stayed outside, worried about the steps- the rest of us headed down.

Coming out of the refuse is a bunch of rats.

Swarms of rats

Cast mass Conviction
We defeated the two swarms

Outside- there seems to be a lot of commotion. They all seem to be chattering and pointing up at the sky.

Walked over to a townsperson- did you see it? It looked like a number of giant shadows flew over- then they were gone almost as soon as they arrived.
The shadows went to the west.

We teleported back to Enillos.
Headed to the RARE office.
To the ZAG office- no messages. Job Board:
There were some other interested parties asking about jobs.

Ramirez went to a tobacco shop but it was closed.

Mai 21st
Ramirez got some smokes and we headed out.

We headed northwest towards Toshigo.
Running out of the woods- hulking bears with bony eye ridges and claws like sickles.
I managed to use my boots to teleport out of the bear’s hug.

Both the Chance and Ramirez were stuck and bear hugs and nearly dead.

Couldn’t save Chance as he was out of range. I was able to close wounds on Ramirez who dropped but didn’t die. On my turn I cast fly and flew up 60.
Zeff killed one, I sonic lanced the other to death.

Big bear- sometimes bears are no restricted by normal eating habits and get very big and ferocious.

Luckily I remembered that he had a haversack and said to hold it out. Zeff stuffed their bodies into his bag of holding and I teleported both of us back to Whisper.

Session 56

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

18th of Mai

Zeffbot went out first thing this morning for
Quarry is on the outside, eastern edge of town
Serpent Mines

Headed outside of town to a mine inside of a hill. Asking around the people direct us to the foreman.
Yes- he was here a little bit ago. Bought some premium stone for repairs.
Working on decent granite digs and we found some precious metals as well.
He looked very happily then he wondered over there in that region.
Over to a collection trees a little way away. Zeff is getting stoned. (he’s been working for about 30 minutes for 2 hp)

We started traveling north towards Greysand

Medium sized green dragon lands behind us.

The dragon said, I had a message for you- but we can do it this way…
I’ll be back with reinforcements…

Damage I took times 10 in gold repair for acid attacks.

Teleported back to Serpent
Hit the weapon shop:
Potions or Poisons?

Armor gets fixed.
Carl went to the church of Ehlonna
Mid afternoon.
Teleported to Tydra.
Stayed the day for Zeff to heal up.

19th of Mai
Headed west to Silentbreeze.

Late that day- right before sundown…

I thought I heard something.
Someing just outside of my vision…

Cast fly and flew up…
Flew back down and Shield of Faith Mass

Weird- Zeff was yelling at trees

Flew around, looking and listening…
Did not hear anything out of the ordinary.

Panther, 6 legs, nothing but miscle and bone. Tentacles.

Slept through 2 yells

Displacer Beasts

Session 55

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Group Loot: 60 pp, 97 sp, 9 cp
Today is the 17th of Mai

Killed the shrieking monsters

Golem can’t use armor but he can carry shields
Still can’t be healed
Magic Oils will enhance slam attack
Potions don’t work

I moved forward to gather coins- something clicked and gas started coming out of the throne.
Ramirez said it wasn’t poisonous.

Semi-opaque gas, coming out from under the chair.
20 locations of interest

Twice your con score
DC check every round to not breath
Holding breath- checked first point of interest
Checking- use two rounds
It turned out to be worthless garbage

The aura is strong and magical – Ramirez

Ramirez found a fire opal.
Zeffbot found a fire opal.
The gas expanded- the four pools started bubbling
Ramirez found junk
Carl found junk
Zeffbot found a coiled up cord made of silver
I found a suit of chainmail out
Ramirez found a necklace with a series of orbs
Carl found junk
Found junk

Rising out of the two closer pools are:
Huge Dragon Skeleton that has animated
Ramirez found a violet garnet
I found a well-crafted wooden box with runes denoting abundance.
The third skeleton is missing some bones- partial skull, three legs
The fourth pool is really bubbling violently
Zeffbot found picked up a bejeweled golden tiara
I found a fire opal

The close one moved up and attacked Carl
The fourth is really boiling

Tried to teleport us to Serpent…
And ended up next to the bad dragon.
Rocky took out a let, if fell, and shattered and exploded.
Ramirez starting breathing and summoned a celestial lion.

The fourth boil is going overtime.
I tapped myself, Ramirez, and Carl with my wand of water breathing – 3 1/3 hours each
Finally, emerging from the fourth pool- a tiny little skeletal Kobold

Ramirez cast a flamestrike on the two skeletons

I healed the Paladin a bit. He headed over for combat. I cast fly and flew over behind him.
Ramirez popped the kobold and attacked one of the dragons with light of venya
I dimensional doored over to the treasure and started gathering it up.

Shield of Faith does effect Zeffbot

Ramirez finally dropped the last dragon skeleton
A blue floating trinket type thing- looks like Zeff’s- glowing softly.

The rune on the trinket is similar to one that would cause planar shift

We collected all the loot
The throne has some ornate designs to it- green marble.

Made sure we were all touching when Zeff touched the rock

We found ourselves beside a river – with a fading blue portal.
Critted the check- we’re home!

We moved away from the ruinic portal and I attempted to teleport us to Serpent
I teleported- it was just down the road.
Headed back to Serpent- It’s been about an hour…

Looking for a magic shop

He fiddled with a rock, found ourselves somewhere else, dealt with some stuff, Paladin returned from the dead, Zeff turned to a rock monster, 2 teleports used…

Magic and Mystery shop
Silver Cord *
Necklace with Trinkets *
Wooden Box *
Chainmail does not
Tiara does not

3400 gp
150 pp
3 fire opals (1000 gp ea.)
1 violet garnet (500 gp)

Outside is as expected – a couple of strange looking objects in the window. Inside- further confirmed- strange items cannot ID- with a few that look familiar.
Shopkeeper looks up, acknowledges us, then back to his tome. Stands behind his counter.

100 gp per ID
Silver Cord – cord of favor – +5 comp bonus on sense motive checks, continuous
3 times per day – sac a divine spell or slot – 1st or higher- to use divine favor as a spell- cord or caster level, whichever is higher
Occupies the waist slot
(sold – 1500 gp)

Wooden box – Field Provisions Box – produces a full days sustenance for 15 humans and 5 boxes, used once per day.
(sold – 100 pp)

Necklace – Necklace of Fireballs Type 5
7 orbs on it of 4 different sizes
1 orb with 9, 2 with 7, 2 with 5, 2 with 3

Carl showed him his tree (less bird)
I haven’t seen this before- some residual divine resurrection magic- lingering effects
(-100 gp)

You may have had an interaction with something otherworldly…
Trickster or something otherworldly…

Ramirez whipped out his elephant and put it on the counter…
(-100 gp)
This looks like a variant of one of the figurine of wonder power- of the marble elephant
The marble elephant – upon utterance of a command word, grows to the size of the elephant- only used 4 times per month for up to 24 hours at a time

Extra precautions to contain it- cost extra.
(-300 gp)
We’re gonna have to put this in a neutralization zone
Brought out the skull…

The shopkeeper – I did detect the mesmerize effect you mentioned- if you can figure out how to properly, an undead mastery and undying fortitude.
UM – increase effective turning level by using charges
Poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effect, critical hits, nonleathal damage, physical ability damage, ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, death from massive damage, don’t breath
Last for 3 rounds- used 3 times a day

Have to work around mesmerize to figure out how to use it

We have a little market area that has a couple of vendors that would buy the jewelry as well as the armor- find a merchant there

Zeff sold:
Fullplate +3 – 5500 gp
Amulet of Health +2 – 2000 gp
Ring of Jumping – 1250 gp
Ring of Swimming – 1250 gp

To the market place- merchants of both
Tiara – 1250 gp
Chainmail – 100 gp

2550 gp ea.

I purchased a Belt of Healing (-750)
I purchased the Giant Stag Beetle Amulet of Vermin (-1200)
Gave my Amber Amulet of Vermin – Praying Mantis – to Zeff
Gave my Spellsink Scarab to Zeff as well

Purchased a Wand of Cat’s Grace with 22 charges


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