Tales of Tolgard

Session 2

Tharr’s Raw Notes

Mezzo the 9th
Breakfast of Pork and Ale – morning at Jester’s Cap
Comfortable warm morning

Merry Hey, Effie why aren’t you on things?
She responded- she doesn’t quite line up with things- slightly out of alignment.
Effie said she wasn’t aware of the ‘weird machine’ – it wasn’t familiar to her.
I showed Effie my letter and asked her if she could read the weird symbols.
She said- this is interesting, it looks like part of a message.
Everyone put their letters on the table.

These letters are very important to me as well:
Trust the carriers of these letters- their fate is intertwined with yours.
It’s in her home language.
She doesn’t remember much about her past. I was flying around in a field and I woke up here.
I think it was somebody magical- somebody casting a spell- that caught me.
Xaxis shared an uneasy feeling from a few weeks ago- that I also felt.
About 2 weeks before we received the letter.
Effie shared that they seemed to

Jeff asked me about

Garett is looking for the Guardians of the Green- protection and cultivation
Jeff is looking for the Seeds of Eternity – make fruits and veggies that last a long time, and if you eat them you last a long time.
Garett went hunting with his folks when he was younger- looking to learn more from them. Get permission to study some of their teaching.
Merry- what brought you here? The letter- looking for more work. A place full of opportunity.
Xa – originally from the mainland but that’s another story. From Dragonledge lately.
My family got kicked off the mainland by an evil group. We arrived at dragonledge. The priests of Pelor helped us out so I decided to become a cleric of pelor.

Jeff asked Merry- what makes you happy…
A big, big hole in the ground- now picture it filled in platinum. Now, picture me swimming in the platinum- rolling around in it, throwing it everywhere.
Beat someone’s head in with a platinum bar- then just throw it away…
Effie- what world are you from? We don’t have a name- we just call it here. I’ve never heard it called ‘Materia’- I’ve never heard it called anything.
Effie- tell me about your family. I don’t recall anything. I don’t know if I have a family.
Let’s head back to West Suki…
We all headed back to the warehouse
We made our way across the current district and over to the Shipping and Docks district- warehouse C – around 10AM. We headed in.
Sitting behind the desk is Lesco-
Looks like the company itself wasn’t involved but some of the employees were using it for their own means. There was an incident there that is being investigated and we are in possession of their books.
Garett asked if we should get rid of the books.
Lesco said that wasn’t necessary- he would hold onto the books. Would have to hold onto the money for cleanup- a definitive answer on that, and possibly another job for you.

Around dinner time- before 8PM when I leave.
Garett asked about the Guardians of the Green- he said no.
Xa suggested the job board, Jeff suggested cleaning that house, Merry suggested the hidden blade.

We headed to the hidden blade- just a little closer than the job board.
Dark corner of trade district- the hidden blade.

Head towards the central district- into the Gauntlet district around noon- the job board.
The posting for housekeeping is still there…
A new posting- needed: skilled exterminators for dangerous job – large pay. Death likely. Lists a shop in the trade district – The Kneeling Star
We arrive. There seems to be some sort of oddities – this and that of various uniqueness.
There’s an old lady in the back- dusty thick spectacles.
I have a small problem with some terrible creatures that are in my storage room- kinda looked like a couple of pairs of eyes with a weird muscle connecting them.
I’m willing to offer a fair amount of compensation- perhaps a couple of items of use. Coins perhaps- I would be willing to part with
Series of four gems, much goal, and a few platinum.
Something you might could find on the planes- hard to say.
Anything in the storage room that we should be concerned about- not necessarily. Request that you do not destroy any of the merchandise.
This not a normal door- it’s bigger on the inside. I wouldn’t touch the walls if I were you…
Do you know a John Smith?
He’s at the Fast Duck Tearoom.
Time doesn’t really work in there. I’ll open it up in 15 minutes- if I hear screams or silence, I’ll know something has gone wrong.
Sure, Jeff- you can attempt to communicate with them and we will not try to kill them on sight.
She opened the door- entered
The portal I stepped through is consistent with a portal to a pocket dimension.
(No one seems to have noticed Effie)
Thee foot long strand of muscles connecting two eyeballs.
Xa cast Bless.
Eyeball monster hit me with a ray – will save 24 – both Merry and I seemed okay. Another one appeared from around some bookshelves- it tried to zap Jeff but didn’t affect them.
Well, Jeff got zapped again and seemed to fall in a magical sleep.
Garett managed to hit one of them with a javelin.

I managed to hit one, and Garett finished him off
Cast detect magic
Surrounded by magic.
I put them both in a sack.
There are various magical items on the shelves but not as powerful as the surrounding rooms.
In the corner was a box that had been knocked off the shelf that could have easily held them.

After about 15 minutes the portal seems to reactivate- we all walked through.

Thanks for your help- if I have any more problems, and I hope I don’t, I’ll post another job.

The chest weighs about 15 pounds- nice chest made of wood without a lock.
We ducked into an alleyway. It is unoccupied currently.
500 gp, 40 platinum, 4 matching amethyst gems
The gems are of decent quality- about 100 each.
260 gp ea.

1:30PM – we found the Fast Duck Tearoom
It looks halfway decent but there does not seem to be anyone drinking. A person seems to be frantically running around the bar.
The owner- the room that I keep all my tea in has been overrun with giant insects. I can’t serve tea if I can’t get in my tea room. At least half a dozen- they are so big.
I could pay- lemmie see what I’ve got… My livelihood depends on this…
I could give you 5000 cp and a 105 gp
I also have this chalice- it has some value you might want

I cast bless before we came in.
We headed in- shelves lined the walls.
Coming out of everything – 8 tiny little monstrous centipedes.
I got attacked and slightly poisoned.
I had a chance and I managed to kill one.
We managed to kill all 8 but we were poisoned.
+5000 cp, 105 gp, 1 chalice
Free drink tomorrow of my best tea.
Jeff talked him down to 4% cut on the 5000 cp
Took my share and transferred it to platinum-

39 Platinum, 9 SP

The Kind Crate – they buy art there. Trinkets, art, dishes
110gp for the cup
22gp ea.

41 plat, 2gp, 9sp
The Creeping Eagle Apothecary –
Kinda Funions
Small rations when the urge hits you
Jeff shared his blend with him
In a couple of weeks – an event here to showcase different products.
Let the community help with us- to add some new blends.
23rd of Mezzo is the ‘event’
Jeff bought a pound of the exotic blend. –

We went back to the warehouse- arrived around 5PM.
You told us to come back- yes- I’ve got a slight update.
It looks like you may have caused the company to fold- we are in negotiations with Shipshape to acquire their assets.
I may or may not leave a pile of money on the table and you may or may not take it….

On account of this turn of events- I’ve been authorized to offer you another job. I have this big crate that I need you to deliver this heavy crate to Bichi. We will be offering you 30 platinum for complet
Amawa Exchange in Bichi- one of our contacts. Levon Leofina
We will be providing a wagon- you are merely to provide security for the package and our driver.
Your payment purchases your attention to delivery- and no questions.

I can arrange transport with our next ship leaving there (Inferno).
Jeff offered 320 to the group to go now…

Next boat down there in a couple of weeks.
Tomorrow morning – show up at Warehouse D and tell them that we are here for protect ZRY6551-1.
Jeff said okay, we’ll do this job- need money for a boat of ‘magical’ transit.
The grand church of Pelor in the
Please be there just after breakfast. Payment in Bichi.
The runners know where to take it.
30 platinum on deliver in Bichi.

10 platinum on the table- 2 platinum each.

At the Pelor temple- Garett removed his armor- a small scale that was under his armor.
Effie- if you throw that at something I can interact with it for a minute or two.
About once for day I drop a scale.
It can act as a bullet in a weapon like a sling, or the tip of an arrow, or inhale through your lungs. Then Effie can do her thing.
Cure Light – 50gp
The poison will wear off with a good night’s sleep.
While at the temple- we all get an uneasy sensation like from 2 weeks ago again.

+250 exp

What Gareth knows!
Session 1

So got this paper with pictures of Suki and a work board..I showed up but no-one came saying they sent note..several holy types…bit odd and a human female I think was female without the beard hard to tell..

Went to bar..not much on towns to crowded..but the ale is nice..can’t stand the food to old..need fresh kill..fresh prepared…

Another guy gives me another letter with symbols on it..he reads the symbols and sense I’m board I head to docks to find a box..met with people from work board..seemed to be doing same thing so I joined in…

Found thieves den…found hooker…found warehouse..took care of guard..lots of noise..fight happened…

The next bit I’m a bit hazy on..happens sometimes…but something about a small Dragon. ..or large lizard maybe..and a coffin..don’t know..after we Give crate back and got paid…went to sleep under stars.

ToT Session 1 - A mysterious beginning

Tharr’s Raw Notes:

I found myself in Suki as the letter had instructed.
Two weeks prior to today (Mezzo the 8th) 2328HR I felt uneasy.
Job board in the gauntlet district.
Circular looking kiosk kind of area where the job board is.
Right around noon.
Gauntlet mostly houses a series of inns and various types of things that might be of interest to visitors to the town. Not much housing for locals. They have stables for horses but not many shops that might cater to adventurer. The tourist district. Mercenaries might hang out there.

Human hexblade
Human cleric of Pelor
Aasimar cleric of Ehlonna
Dwarf barbarian

Two job posts listed- one says seeking housekeeper – apply in the Market District – signed John Smith.
and the other says…

Walked up to the barbarian and a human (Pelor) walked over.

The other one says: Seeking 3-5 able bodied individuals with capacity for problem solving and deductive reasoning, needed for delivery. Apply at West Suki Trading Company warehouse C in Shipping and Docks District – Lesko Broaden

West Suki Trading Company Warehouse C warehouse district Shipping and Dock District
-Lesko Broaden

Seeds of Eternity- someone stole them from my temple.
Jeffrey Treebow from Xelonial.
Xaxis Salizar – from Dragonledge. (Pelor)
Merry Wrenwright – odd jobs
Gareth Strongboard – Barbarian

We compared letters- different handwriting, different symbols

It is contiguous to this district – headed towards the west side of the city.
30 minute walk- arrived in the District of Shipping and Docks.

West Suki Trading Company – Warehouse C (recalled by merry)

A little office inside. The four of us headed in.

Are you hear about the job? I see… Are you all here about the job? Well, there was a fifth, but…
This is not about a delivery- my trading company has lost a package. We need an off the books tracking down of this package. We suspect our competitors, but we don’t want to bring about legal proceedings unless we must. You will need to operate unofficially.
The amount of money I’m offering for the return of the package is 500.
Lesko claims he didn’t send the letters…
The Dude showed them his letter- but Lesko said no…
I only listed the job today- this is post marked several days ago.

If you come up with the information about what happened to it- we can offer less.
We could part with 100 total for just the information.

Taken off the ship…
A lot of ne’er do wells around every corner. We see our less reputable ladies in the area for sailors that come in.
The package is big- I would estimate it at about 200 lbs. very large. It is a single item inside the crate that takes up almost the crate.
The manifest says it is some sort of object of importance.
The ship it disappeared off of – The Moonlight Skipper – don’t have the crew on record.
Delivery from Versat to us. This was shipped from one of the ports on Versat. We’ve worked with this ship and crew before without issue.
Had him send a message to get Gareth to join us at the pier.
The ship is currently in port. That request will not hold for more than a day or two.
Go along the pier there- you should be able to find it. Ask the pier master.
Full information about who was responsible- we can kick it up to 600 gold.
The package number and all that- copies it down from the ledger.
Do not know if the contents are dangerous – but it is fragile.
We would need part of the crate with the info at a minimum with the item.

Booth at the pier – Dockmaster – Mack Boatwright
Pete took a long walk off a short pier a couple of weeks past.
Pedaling substances…
40-50 ships come through here every day.
We had a hold but on the Moonlight Skipper
Pier number 32 – head up to the piers- take a left- a plaque on each one.
Told Mac that Gareth might be along soon.

We stopped to get some food.
Seems Xaxis was avoiding eating fish..
Got the veggies- 2 sp

Gareth finally joined us. We headed on to pier 32 – a single ship on it. A fair sized ship.
People seem to be loading crates from the pier onto the ship.
We’ve got a hold for some reason…
We put ‘that’ box on the pier- we saw who picked it up. A representative from the trade good. He had a badge or symbol or something.
It went down the pier and back towards the main entrance.
We headed up onto the boat.
Puff, puff, pass with the two crewmembers from Jeffrey.
We made special effort that there was nothing around it. No problems on the way over.
From the last port we were in.
From Ching in Versat. Apart from the special transit directions nothing unusual about it.
We headed over to the Dock Master.
He seems to be talking to a couple of people.

Jeff asked- he saw the crate leave.
It was a representative from the company with three other people helping them.
Which company – signed for the West Suki Trading Company.
The signor looked like pencil pushers- the other three looked like burly dockworker.
The package was picked up a little earlier than expected- right when the ship arrived instead of a few hours later as it usually happens.
The pickup guy looked incredibly plain.
On the list- Burt Ellen?
Walk a couple of blocks in- not sure at this point.

We decided to head back to talk to Lesko about Burt.
Lesko confirmed- we’re missing one of our sigils.
Who has access?

The guards who were on duty at the time will be in at 8 tonight
Perhaps the owner of the company or a few higher ups know where this package is going.
Typically (off the record) if you are looking for some items on the black market..
The Hidden Blade in the Trade District…

I leave here about dinner time- then the guards take over.
An hour to get to the Hidden Blade
We all headed into the shop except for Jeff
Short blades- mechanisms perhaps for traps.
Mysterious looking guy- hood and cloak.

I had nothing to contribute for the ‘dagger deal’
Less than reputable people deciding to re-route a package- probably want to seek out the West Side of the Warehouse area for people that might be overlooked but might have services to offer entertainment- there is a nice lady that offers a very good deal- Lana. Word is she may have seen something near where she works.

The dagger has a secret compartment in the handle.
It is now about 4:30PM
Followed directions to Lana
Merry went in solo.

Looks like Shipshape Shipping Company – in 30 minutes Lana will ‘distract’ the guard on duty so we can get in.

“I’d like to make a compelling argument for him trying it”
Lana couldn’t get him to come away for some fun but did manage to pick his pocket. She gave the keys to Merry.

Sword and Pike guard services.
Back and forth. Gareth went over and said he was supposed to be guarding the door.
Tried to give the 5 gold to Gareth- and then…
Maybe it’s his…
You know, you’re already here…
The guard takes the baggie and goes off looking for Lana…

There are a couple of guards inside that are doing rounds.
Silhouettes in the office room.

The guards came back down the hall and I ducked into the packages.
Then Gareth came in and Merry stepped out, screaming at the guards who were trying to leave…
The guards were trying to leave but ran into party members at every turn

I moved as fast as I could to the back room where Jeff was. The guy in there took a swing at me with his rapier… and he hit me pretty hard. Jeff moved over and punched him but it didn’t seem to hurt too much. I tried to hit him and missed. He moved and swung at me- and missed. Xaxis moved up behind me and healed me.
I moved up and finally hit him with my Morningstar. He dropped!
I spotted the crate- a large device looking thing. Could be a machine.
Laying next to it- part of the crate that has been dismantled- shipping information from Suki information. Crate will not be useful.
Side of the crate with the shipping label- removed just the label from it.
Searched through one of the desks- got the Suki badge from it.

Guard – longsword studded leather light shield.
Office – Rapier and chain shirt and light shield and four moonstones.

The only crate that’s big enough- but there’s a coffin in it.
Grabbed the books- shipping manifest and the current books.
They found a crate big enough- only one- and pulled out the coffin from it.

Jeff went to the door- and bluffed the late arriving guard into leaving.

We were lifting up the box- we were reacting to a large explosion- but nothing seems to have happened.
Didn’t feel any heat or feel any damage.
This time it’s not nearly as heavy- we put it in the new box.
Gareth chopped off the things head.
A small creature on the box as we carry it. A small dragonlike creature with iridescent purple and blue scales.
It was asked- where did you come from?
It answered- I don’t know.
My name is Effie.
I was just flying around somewhere.
Surprised that we can see them.
She shared- I am a Reebinogthwen
It sounds exactly the same after Comprehend Languages.
Her race typically has problems being seen.

We got to the warehouse- spot Lesko.
Shipshape Shipping.
Handed over the head, device in crate, the badge, the label, and the books.
I took 10 platinum- as did Jeff and Gareth. Merry took half gold and half platinum. Xax got a local trade voucher for 125 gold worth.

Jester’s Cap Inn- everyone is staying.
Lesko said he would get back to us tomorrow if the paperwork revealed perfidy on the part of the shipping company for an additional 100gp split five ways.


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