Tales of Tolgard

Session 16

Tharr’s rough notes:

28th of Soha, Mission Day 24, Folly Day 1, Fluff scale #6 in box;
Group loot: 15 gp, 7 sp ; Lesser Bark Skin Potion (+2), Cure Light Potion

Checked the job board:
Nothing up right now- we’ve got a couple we’re working on for tomorrow- working with the clients.
47 gold cure light
285 gold for lesser bark skin (+2)
285 gold cure moderate
712 gold cure serious
2090 – ring of feather fall

We slept for 16 hours to heal up.
29th of Soha, Mission Day 25, Folly Day 2, Fluff scale #7 in box;
Group loot: 15gp, 7 sp; The Web; Lesser Bark Skin Potion (+2 Nat AC), Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Adv. Guild Job Board:

Copper: Giant Mosquito Problem – in and around my mill. SW a little bit. About an hour.

Silver: Silence of the Lambs – nearby lizardfolk are attacking wildstock rather than hunting in the woods. Around a cave where they live on the beach- 30 minutes east.

Typically the caves along the coast would be flooded from water erosion or naturally occurring in the mountains.

Told Oliver we’d see him this evening.
Headed out to the Mill SW of town about an hour for the mosquito issue…
We arrived.
There was a buzzing noise we heard from the upper part of the mill.
Wooden aqueduct to bring water in.
While collecting material for the smoke fire the mosquitos attacked!
Cross between a bat and a giant mosquito. 4 wings, six legs, long proboscis.
3 attacked each group – Lynette, Gareth, Xaxis & Tharr, Merry, & Cat
A giant nest
Gathered a few wings from the corpses.
We swung through town to turn in the wings and report our success.
2-3 hours for confirmation.

We walked along the beach until we found the beach- submerged about waist deep in water.
Gareth yelled into the cave to see if anyone was there…
9 lizardfolk emerge.

They moved to our group and spoke in a language only Effie could understand.
Garreth drew a sheep in the sand and drew a question mark.

Back and forth, gave one a scale to
Our families are being held by the abominations.
Free our family, they forced us to collect livestock for them.

Garreth moved to the front of the cave and a half-dozen javelins flew out at him.
I moved up and tapped Gareth with my Wand of Cure Light (7 charges remaining)

Effie: They said, Protect the master at all costs.
We all gradually moved into the cave.

Last one yelled- we are defeated, masters!

Coming around the corner two more lizard folks and 2 large creatures- upper torso of an upper reptilian torso, lower torso resembles a wingless dragon. Lizardfolk centaur analog.
Xaxis charged, taking a big hit, trying to take a lizardfolk.
Cages in the walls with lizardfolk in them.
Gareth started chucking the dead bodies out into the ocean.
The ‘good’ lizardfolk came back in.

‘We were just doing what we were told to because our families were being held hostage.’

Have someone stay outside the cave- we’ll send an envoy back to confirm.
Headed back to town and explained what happened. Yeah, we have someone who speaks Lizardfolk to confirm that…

Slept for another 16 hours.

30th of Soha, Mission Day 26, Folly Day 3, Fluff scale #8 in box;
Group loot: 15gp, 7 sp; The Web; Lesser Bark Skin Potion (+2 Nat AC), Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)

Adv. Guild
Confirmation for both of them.
We get to upgrade- turned in our silver rings for Pearl in addition Aqua Marine.
Liz: 900 gold
Amethyst (100)
Magic Dust (Sparkles like ground up gems) * (200)
Fire Opal (1000)
Dragon Hide Gloves (250)

Squitos: 400 gold
Daylight pellet (thin black pouch containing small ceramic beads- there are 11 in the bag) * page M156
Potion * (150)
Scroll * (70)
3070 gold
614 gold ea.

Effie shared:
I got a vision last night while you guys that I need to see the Loremaster.

Let’s take the five days to get to Inferno- not spend another day here.
We will not spend day 3 in

614 gold
Payment from Garrett for ladder – 50 gp
Transferred my fund around:

I now have:
3 fire opals (1000 ea.)
26 pp, 10 gp, 4 sp

-2 scales to Lynette (6 scales in wagon)

7 days travel to Inferno with wagon (5 days on foot)

Blee the 2nd, Mission Day 29, Overland Day 3, Fluff scale #9 in box;
Group loot: 15gp, 7 sp; The Web; Lesser Bark Skin Potion (+2 Nat AC), Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)

3 creatures – Huge segmented insects with slender, segmented claws. Tough chitinous brown shell covers their body.
Took a horse down, which was saved, then split poor Oliver in half.

30 pts damage – crit for 20 doubles, 1d6 impromtu sneak (max 6) +2 hit, +2 dam = 30, dropped it.
We burned the roaches and buried him with a nice view of the ocean.

We got back on the road again through the Blee the 5th uneventful.
Blee the 5th, Mission Day 32, Overland Day 6, Fluff scale #12 in box;
Group loot: 15gp, 7 sp; The Web; Lesser Bark Skin Potion (+2 Nat AC), Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)

Session 15

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Soha the 21stDay 12 of the mission.

We travelled on

As we were cross
3 Musclar, savage humanoids- about seven feet tall.
Wielding morningstars – the bugbears again

I come on behalf of my dark lord! Back in the woods…

Unlike the trolls before, these have a lot more flesh on them…

Almost killed the horse.

3 morningstars (12 gp)
3 light wooden shields (4 gp)

Gareth dragged to corpses off the road and burned them.
We headed back.
Arrived back after nightfall.

Next morning- Soha the 22nd, Mission day 13
Harpy job has cleared.
Spider job report has come.
Bugbear done- turned in 6 ears.

188 platinum
6 gold + 16gp
Amber (100 gp)
Amythyst (100 gp)
Jasper (50 gp)
Jet (100 gp)
Violet Garnet (500 gp)
Scroll (Magic Circle against Chaos) (200 gp)
Elixir (125 gp)
Wand (Conjuration – Mild)
Silver Vestment with 9 Semi-precious Gemstones and a half hemisphere (Necromancy – Faint)

200 duel ID
Wand – 20% charges remaining
Cure Light Wounds
Ephod of Authority – Cleric Level is one Higher for Turning (500 gp)

188 Platinum
Gold – 22 + 100 + 100 + 50 + 100 + 500 + 200 + 125 – 200
997 gold net

Valuation: 1880 + 997 = 2877 gold total
-400 for everyone else share of vestment
2477/5 = 495 gold, 4 silver for Xaxis
595 gold, 4 silver for other 4 of us.

59 plat, 5 gold, 4 silver

Guild rate – Cure Moderate Potions – 285 ea.

(My Math)
735 gold
416 gp
My loot:
1 fire opal (1000 gp)
1 Violet Garnet (500 gp)
47 pp, 3 gp, 4 sp
Sold my old Morningstar – 5 gp
Sold my Heavy Wooden Shield – 4gp
48 pp, 2 gp, 4 sp

Ring of Feather Fall (Pricing) – 2200

“Four gold and I’ll spit in your mouth.”

Aqua Marine

Checking the board
Emblem is a Blocky Pyramid- a couple of those folks came in to do the Wyvern Job.

The Spider Web
If sales are as good as I expect- some royalty payments.
Silver ring with Aqua Marine in it.

Soha 26rd, Mission Day 21
Nothing new on the job board.
Heading out…
4 days into the trip we happen upon an area with humanoid tracks going into a cave.
About 30 minutes from the end of the day.
Small humanoid and seem to go in both directions.
The feet do seem to have very subtle claw marks at the toes.
Didn’t hear anything- sent Effie in to check it out.
Tried to cast light on a scale- it didn’t work.
Cast light on a twig- touched a scale to it- Effie picked it up.
She saw some straw beds and a bunch of shrubs.

We loaded back up, planning to ride for two hours.
Used 40 scales to make a perch for Effie.

I still have 1 effie scale on me, 6 scales in the box. (Soha 23rd Mission Day 14)
Right side behind the driver.
Don’t die over night.

Soha the 26th, Mission Day 22, 7 scales in the box.
Put three in a pouch for Lynette so they would not trigger.
4 scales in the box.

Arrive at the end of Soha the 27th, Mission Day 23, I fluff scale 5 in box
Arrive in Folly
Check in at the Folly Adventure Guild
Guild Master Carric
Turned in the Zaggat Stone to him.
Peek at the Job Board:
Silver Tier: A Dire Situation- farm animals have been getting attacked at night at various farms.
Copper and Entry Level are empty.
Details: A list of a bunch of farms on the west side of town, same region- surrounding a big set of woods.

First Inn – The Folly Inn
3 sp
Remaining: 15 gp, 7 sp

No roads to the farm- not official roads- not good for the wagon.
Offical Weight for the Spider Web – 50 lbs.

28th of Soha, Mission Day 24, Folly Day 1, I fluff Scale #6 in the box
Head on foot to the affected farms
2 hours of walking we arrived at the first farm.
A farmer is looking over the dead body of some of the cattle.
Always happens at night- I hear them scream.

41 survival check – these are definitely from lupin – much larger than a traditional wolf.
Typical wolf is
Much larger than a normal wolf possibly by a factor of 4
Really obvious- lead into the woods.

Hear growling from the other side of the trees
Immense gray wolf- big as a horse- fiery eyes and thick fur.
We carried the four heads to the farmer.
That’s one way to get a head- we held up all four.
Merry moved the jaw of mine and said, “I’m so sorry I killed your cow…”

Bring one of those back- here, he gives us a weird looking metal coin…
I’ll keep one head, take two to the other two farms, you take the fourth head into town…

He gives us the payment:
1000 gold
Black pearl (500 gp)
Elixir that offers up fiery breath (700 gp)

2200 gp
220 pp
44pp ea.

Session 14

Rocks fall, party dies

Tharr’s Raw Notes:

Looking for the Wyvern when we start next time. Group Loot 16gp
Morning of Soha the 20th, Day 11 of Mission, outside of Firefeather.
3 amethysts from Harpy
Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon

Drag marks and blood trails leading to the edge of the cliff.
Amber Amulet of Vermin – Praying Mantis
25 +5 /2 levels
50 foot range

-11 damage to Mantis
Mantis died.
The wyvern grabbed

50 sp, citrine
Prayer Mat

Back to Firefeather
Reported the two victories- guildmaster – but no trophy (stinger)

1400 for the ultimate Elven rope ladder of security.
A couple of days to make
Offset it by 100
1300 total
-350 for 4 stones

Xaxis – 400
184 each

Researched Wyverns- some entries on the mating habits of wyverns- usually come in pairs.

Soha the 12th, Day 12 of the mission.
New job:
Copper: Eight Legged Freaks
Farm having trouble with massive infestation- terminate with extreme prejudice.
Just outside of town- slightly to the north- having problems with spiders.
Purchased three antivenom vials for the party.

Loaded up the wagon and headed to the farm.
Headed to the barn.
Lynette, Marry, and Gareth all quaffed the antitoxin vial I gave them.

We see spiders coming out of the hay
Hand sized
Spider swarms came out.

We got through it.
Farmer is heading into town and will swing by the adventurer’s guild.
Heading towards the bear hug monsters.

Session 13

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Group Loot – 16g
Soha the 6th

½ day out from Inferno.
Full day’s travel without incident towards Whisper.
Set up camp for the evening.

Standard watches
Xaxis and Lynette
Garreth and Merry
Tharr and Oliver

Lynette- what’s Whisper famous for?
I didn’t take any of their brochures…
My understanding is they export a lot of magical items.
It didn’t seem out of the ordinary.

2nd watch heard a rumbling in the grass.
Eventually we all got woken up.
A javelin flew in towards Merry. Then another, hitting Xaxis.

Ape like posture and rubbery green skin of a troll. Looks smarter than his visage would suggest but human sized.
Took forever for us to spot him…
Damn monkey bit me- -5 con.
Full retreat into the road.
Coup de Gracie – 69

Secondary saves is 31/31
Helped the
Doesn’t seem to be extaplanar, or arcane.

Next morning- 2 lesser restorations each- I healed 7 con.

Soha the 7th.
Full day uneventful travel.

Morning of the 8th.
(Xaxis forgot to heal check secondary and also took some con damage)
We both cast two more lesser restorations and healed all of the con damage.

Full day uneventful travel.

Morning of the 9th.
½ day of travel.

By far the largest settlement in all of Keshiki.
We headed to the guild district
Entered through the north side of the city- it will take 2 hours to get there. Mid afternoon.
We recognize the symbol from our ring with a really big building.
Head inside- whole sections of seats. 2 bars or more. A really big board with tonnes of people around it. Beds. A set of shops along one side.
Lynette- this is where I met my initial party- then we took a mission up towards Inferno.
We get pointed to the assistant guild master.
You’re gonna need to talk to my boss. I’ll go get her…
Leading another person. Says- I’m the grand guild Master Isabel.
About the Zagg Stones.
Guildmaster Frederick (from Inferno) sent note.

We need you to drop one of these off at all of the guild halls in Zagara.
Each one – a piece of parchment with their sigil on it.
It will not count for or against your progression. The compensation.
A list of the town- maybe a town.
Go to the general shop stall- and he’ll give you a map.
Not as impressive of a setup in Xia or Xilthar
South to hit Xi, then east to the coast is fire feather.
The longer it takes to distribute the Zagg stones the less useful it will be.
If you touch the stone it can verify.
She took out her master one and asked us to place our palms on it one at a time.

We have a couple here in the guild hall alone.
You will have 2 months to return.
Return by Vasta the 10th
Soha the 9th – Soha the 30th
Blee the 1st – Blee the 30th
Vasta 1st – Vasta 10th

The plan…
Whisper to Firefeather – 6
Town – 2
Firefeather to Folly – 5
Town – 2
Folly to Inferno (Follow the coast, no road) – 5
Town – 2
Inferno to Perish – 3.5
Town – 2
Perish to Dakenhudiem – 3
Town – 2
Dakenhudiem to Hilfer – 1
Town – 2
Hilfer to Dunkenhudiem – 1
Town – 2
Dunkenhudiem to Xi – 1
Town – 2
Xi to Whisper – .5

39 day total
2 days per town
46 day total
3 days per town
53 day total
4 day per town

Assistant Guild Master: Mitchell
We are in the process of negotiating with a magical item artisan. Probably around the time you return we will be extending out to the mainland.

Gloves of Dex (+2) – 3600 with silver level discount

46 days total
3 days per down
14 days wiggle room
Check the board- 2 entry level, one on the copper level
Rats a chewy and bats in the belfry
Rats a Chewy- discreet removal within the
Bats – large bats in the attic of a local temple
Copper – crocodile hunter- 1 day east
We reserve the entry level jobs for those who are not silver.

9th is over.

Soha 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th leveling in Whisper.

Day 1, 2, 3, 4 to train in Whisper.

Morning of Soha the 14th, Day 5 of Mission

6 days without issues
Morning of Soha the 20th, Day 11 of Mission

Looking for the Adv. Guild in Firefeather
Find it
Seek out Guildmaster Hamett
Turned it in to the guildmaster- stamped his signet on a piece of parchment
Head over to the Board
Copper – Shot to the Harpy – Reports of people being pulled off the cliffs to their death. Cliffs just outside of town- sheer cliff. Sponsored by the city- report to the town guard.
Copper – Wrong Kind of Bearhug – Reports of giant, savage bear people attacking people on the way to Folly. ½ day travel
Silver – Vicious Trophy – Seeking assistance in hunting down of dangerous creature and a trophy for my collection. Hunting down one of the wyverns that hangs out along the cliffs and the recovery of the stinger. Bring stinger here.
We claimed the two cliff jobs. Asking Oliver and the horses take it off.
Average height of the cliff – about 500 feet. +/- 50 feet
Cliffs of Phoenix – Phoenix Straight lies below you.
Note a pile of something.
Prepared our ranged weapons keeping a keen lookout for flying foes.
Lynette says, looks to have been an attack here.
We hear Effie say- there’s a horrible creature down here
I was wrong- it can’t see me- but whatever you threw got it’s attention
The entire party hears a captivating song…
A captivated Gareth walked over the edge.
Merry went to the edge of the cliff and backed off.
Effie said, He’s alive somehow…

It looks like an evil faced older human. Lower body of a reptilian nature. It’s hair is filthy and covered in caked blood.

Xaxis dropped it.
Gareth noted a small tunnel behind it.
Gareth checked it out. Looks to be a nest.
Found 3 shiny rocks in there. Amythysts.

Looking for the Wyvern when we start next time.

Session 12

NOTE: Question pending at the end of Soha 2nd before sleep.
Nerull island – From Xaxis
The Keshiki Cult of Nerull is particularly active in the Northern Keshuna region. Initially the cult was a lot more straight forward with its operations and but they realized the extra attention they were drawing to the region would spell disaster to their existence. They have for many years integrated themselves into the surrounding communities, often times hold positions of power within the community without overtly identifying their allegiance. If investigated closely, those who know code words and hidden symbols can find who is a member and what sites of Nerull cult friendly. As of late, there has been a sudden loss of key leadership and as a result many members are fighting for control of the cult by proving themselves with their deeds. This has led to a sudden increase in cult activity all over Keshiki.

50 gold to the group loot
50 gold to the church from Xaxis

Current group loot: 146 Gold
Soha the 3rd- Oliver approaches
120 gold to Oliver- 2 month
26 gold in the group loot

Lynette said- you served in the war?
Oliver replied- yes!
Lynette- which side?
Oliver- N. Kosuna all the way!
Lynette- huh…I’m glad you survived. You wouldn’t have if you had run into me.

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength – +2 str – ~4000 gold

Lynette seems a bit better kept today.
Wearing a suit of chainmail. Modified to move smoothly. Shoulder length hair in a bun.

Headed to the adv. guild
Checked the boards- the only one remaining is the spider hybrid job.
Additional info-
I had a special job- yesterday’s performance, some of us were kinda impressed with you guys audacity.
The Zagaran Adventurer’s Guild – to make tracking of our members a bit better.

If you could go down to Whisper- to pick up the Zag stones. More directions there.
How many days to whisper?
4 day trip to Whisper.
The job that you are trying to do is south towards Parrish about a day is where they’re having it.
Closer to us than is Parrish which is why we’re fielding the job.

Let’s go find Oliver…
We could do leather to platemail.
‘chain shirt’ barding – 400 gold per horse
‘full plate’ barding – 6000 per horse

800 gold total
Chain shirt is the heaviest we get without modifying their speed.
160 ea.

Xaxis throws in 2 amythysts for group loot/barding

-160 gold each
66 gold group loot.

Lynette chipped in 152 gold
Xaxis 160 gold (40 into group)
Gareth chipped in 160 gold
Tharr chipped in 160 gold
Merry chipped in 160 gold
(8 gold from group loot)
800 gold to Oliver to get chin shirt barding for both horses over the next two days
+50 gold for wagon modifications / supplies

Group loot it 8 gold

Watched the rest of my group killed just days ago
Assume you’ll die each day and then be pleasantly surprised when you aren’t.
We headed south to the spider monster..
An obvious battle- look like dead trolls.
Lynette did catch site of the group who did that job- I only saw a couple of them come in. I’d estimate at least 4 or 5.
They did have an emblem on their armor. It looked kinda like a blocky pyramid inside a circle.
Knowledge – 30 arcana – Troll
The only thing I know is that there is at least some interest in using fire effects on trolls.
Knowledge Geography – 17 – to know what kind of trolls might live around here.
Heard tell of troll type creatures in this region would be forrest troll or your general troll.
Knowledge Planes- 24 – Trolls?
Hear tale in a very obscure book that there is at least one report of a planar troll- which is horrendous- not sure about it. They can phase between planes.
Effie – says – looks like they were killed by professionals. Burnt and sliced, not necessarily in that order.

I sketched the troll.
There are two obvious bodies- probably dead for a couple of weeks.
The third body is not even complete. Looks like a dragon.
Knowledge Arcana 41 with assist.
What kind of dragon this was. Was a red dragon. Based on the size and understanding of red dragon anatomy. Probably a young adult- around 70 years old.
The skull is here- badly degraded.
I attempt to obtain some dragon’s teeth.
Rolled 18 dex.
Recovered on usable tooth.
I see an individual pop up behind some rocks and say:
The infinite abyss awaits you.

Gareth ran up the hill.
The skeletons of the troll rose and attacked Xaxis.
Giant skeletal trolls.
Xaxis did a turn- one of the trolls exploded.
I shot at the other one, dropped my bow, and pulled out my axe and shield for some melee fun.
Lynette nailed Merry- L: I had a brief flashback to the war- there’s Northies everywhere!

It dropped
In the distance we hear- a loud cacklin’- Hope you had fun, I’ll be back!

Back to the red dragon corpse- was not able to remove anything useful.
A troll bone could be used if you want to reanimate a troll or anything.
Sketch the troll and dragon bones.

Hit the road.
Searched the dragon corpse for things of value.
Noticed buried under the remains of one of the claws- a small crystal.
Blue white diamond holds a tiny adamantine emblem of a hammer.
Something to do with constructs…

We travelled the rest of the day and arrived at a small little farm as per the description.
Thanks for coming out here- I know were on the outskirts here. Me and my brother were out in the woods hunting and got attacked by the creature- a hybrid between a human and a spider creature.
It looked like a human but slighter- with a spider head.
I need you to find it and get rid of it and recover my brother’s body if possible.
Within my understanding of various things- there are types of creatures that are similar to that. Abberations to the world.
He gave us some pretty decent, detailed map of where they like to hunt. It came out of nowhere.
We got a rough description of the brother- common tunic, a hunting rifle (looks like a sword) – crossbow.
No jewelry – simple folk
Brown hair- a family ring (described the sigil) – crude looking ring, weird sigil of a deer on it. I’d like the ring back too. It’s been almost a week.

We headed out into the woods- dark.
Tried casting light on one of Effie’s flowers- it lit up her plane but not ours.
Gareth said- that my be our fallen hunter in that.
Walked over to the body- killed by a number of bite marks on the body as well as shredding/claw attack.
I remove the ring from the body.
We moved across the river where Effie heard movement.
Gangly human and bloated spider. Rounded spider head with bulbous black eyes.
We killed it.
Sketch the monster.
As far as I can recall, no value to this creature.

The farmer says yeah, we definitely need to get it buried.
Farmer says to put the monster head on the mantle.
I will send you back with his ring as a means of showing you have completed the job with this letter. Give them to the guild master.
We spent the night there.

Soha the 3rd-
How to see Effie
Does not resolve into a query that the book understands
I have Lynette 3 scales
31 scales total after giving her 3.
Loremaster home
The loremaster calls the Academy at Glacerin in the city of Glacerin, within the Western Versat Human Territories on the continent of Versat located on the Material Plane of 27-TRM his home. His living quarters are in the administrators tower in the center of the Academy. He does a lot of traveling however and spends an almost equal amount of time in Leenza Mountain in Sarcosa.

Wake up and it’s Soha 4th
Dug a grave and said a service.
Travelled back to Inferno
Handed him the letter and the ring.

We did just get a new job in- processing the details- check back tomorrow. This one’s an odd one.
Credited us for completion of that one.
The guy didn’t really have a whole lot- gave us this amethyst and 100 gold.
Head back to the inn to enjoy our free evening.

See Alt reality?
The inquiry does not resolve.

27-TRM mean?
Resolved to 27-TRM
It does open but it’s getting harder to open.
27-TRM is one of a myriad of realities connected by the ancient city of Tolgard. The name is a translation of the Tolgarian Language designation into the Common language. A portal to this reality exists in the trans-dimensional city of Tolgard. It is the origin reality of a distant relative of the Tolgarans that rediscovered Tolgard and reactivated its portal grid.

Checked for Tolgard (Know Geo)- recall that there is a location called Versat that was the site of a large explosion hundreds of years ago- but all accounts say the city was destroyed. History of wild magic surrounding the area. Spells do not work the way they are supposed to.

Checked for Sarcosa (Know Geo)- there is a continent to the slightly north east called Sarcosa which is a very extreme location- there is almost no trade going there since there are almost no settlements there with an ominous mountain there.

Merry asked Lynette- what’s your angle? What do you want out of life?
L: I have a specific skillset that doesn’t lend itself to sitting down and doing nothing. My experience with a bow has helped me in taking down targets. After the war I needed to stay busy. Need that purpose but I’m still grieving.

Called it a night.
Soha the 5th.
Tracked down Oliver. Wagon looks good and the horses look badass.
Got the shelf system installed.
Swung by the adventurer’s guild on the way out of town.
We have a report – one of the mansions here in town. Apparently there was some report of some sort of winged creature hanging out around there. The man of the house murdered his wife and killed himself. Someone to investigate the winged creature that was hanging around there. Eye witness reports- guy killed his wife and killed himself. Home owner’s assoc. want to make sure there are no threats in the house. A pretty decent amount in it.

We headed to the house- a couple of concerned citizens and some guards.
Guy was yelling out the window- wasn’t making a whole lot of sense. Slit wife’s throat with broken glass- then himself.
He looked like he wanted his whole spectacle to be seen.
Gist of it- he said, she knew things and she wasn’t telling him and she had to pay the ultimate price for the betrayal- he needed to cleanse her. He must inflict great pain that he deserved.
Headed in- take the stairs all the way up.

The woman rose a twisted aberration with wild eyes burning with malevolence. Teeth have become sharp, jagged needles. She slammed into Gareth.
Xaxis turned her- she exploded but there was a loud popping noise over her husband.
Heard a god awful noise behind us- way to ruin all my fun!
One of the beakers behind him turned into a flying creature and stung Gareth
Tiny little humanoid with a barbed tail, sharp twisted horns, winking into sight from out of thin air.
Gareth critted the shit out of it.
He’s got a neck wound. He’s wearing nobility clothing- rich people clothing.
We looked around- everything else in the room seems to be consistent.
What was that bat creature? (know planes) – Consistent with hell (devil)- something called an imp that really likes to mess with people.
Perhaps one or both of them had made some sort of deal?
The guards checked and we brought him with us.

Adv. guild- payment on record.
Gloves on the table. Dragonhide gloves.
Counted to coins- 700 gold coins.

Rings for you- turned in our gemmed copper rings.
Silver rings all.

900 gold
Dragonhide gloves – do not glow. (250 gold for them)
Red Dragon Tooth – (50 gold)
Crystal with hammer on it- does glow. (ID – 110 gold – demolition crystal. Designed to fight constructs. Attach it to a weapon and it deals additional damage to constructs. 1000 gold for it.)
+ 900 gold. (100 pp)
100 pp, 1090 gp
I could offer 400 for the amulet

20 pp ea., 218 gp
Group loot (with Lynette’s repayment) is 16 gp
Half day travel on the road – towards Whisper. Uneventful.

Evening of Soha the 5th
Recharge codex

The codex power source lasts anywhere from usually 9 to 12 inquiries before needing to be replaced. The replacement power sources can be acquired from the Loremaster or anyone with an intimate knowledge of wondrous item creation and the skill to create the necessary items. It is also possible to force recharge the internal power source by casting Greater Prying Eyes along with Permanency, although this comes with the chance of damaging the codex.

Camped out.
Lynette shared her background with us.
Closest settlement was Mizuna in South Keshuna
No one lives near the border- it’s haunted.
Xaxis ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

Session 11

Hey Mans and woMan
I got a call from Elhonna last night man
I’ve got to press on with my own mission alone
It’s been great seeing things man and doing things man
But I think my journey is going to take me to places you can’t follow
Man it cuts me deep to have to cut you all loose but some things can only like be done for yourself
I’ve left with the Innkeeper my best stuff man
Think of me when you enjoy it man

Good bye man
Be awesome to each other man


Tharr’s Rough Notes:

1st of Soha
We woke up and Gareth joined us.
The wagon pulled up.
Jeff did not emerge from the room.
The innkeeper- your friend checked out early this morning. He left this note for you:
“Hey mans and womansz I gotta press on with my own mission alone.”
He did leave four bags of some sort of substance. Filled with drugs.
Gave the four bags to the innkeeper in exchange for a week’s lodging.
We loaded up heals on wheels Mark II
We went to the guild
A couple of people playing cards
Guildmaster’s name: Frideric
Zygarin Adventurer’s Guild
We are all copper level – apart from the entry level jobs we have a member’s only level behind the door.
Designation with a copper coin next to them.
The church guy authorized payment- updating them to the next tier.
It’ll take about 30 minutes.
I don’t believe that there have been words of another attack.
Merry asked- do you have anyone looking for a group?
I do have one who came back from a job that went horribly wrong- she’s the only surviving group. Was not even able to recover their bodies…
She managed to complete it but just barely.
Ring type is a tier- copper- there are levels within it. She’s that brooding elf. Lynette.
The reason she was able to survive was that she got far enough away from the action- pretty good with a bow.
One of the spells her teammate set off malfunctioned and badly destroyed a good portion of the party.
Can’t tell you about other, completed missions.
The gemstone? I believe the first gem on the copper level is amber.
How many missions to the second one? 2 more missions.
The church reward:
Pushes over a box- good amount of silver as well as some sort of vestments and a crystal.
Inscribed in the side of the crystal – a reinforced weapon.
Ceremonial Vestments- worth about 100 gold.
Going through- about 2000 silver are 300 gold coins.
Elven wine she was drinking.
Bottle of Elven Wine- 100 gold.
Walked over to Lynette…
I don’t know what to do with myself…
Someone of your skill set- I do have a little skill with the bow.
Outside of our Wizard’s skill level…
For Will- he just could not help himself…
A wave of destruction…

Entry level board:
There is a new one: report of a couple of hobgoblins messing with some people. Farmers.
Snakes are still there.
Gnolls are gone.
Asked- he said he upgraded it to the next tear.
Member’s only:
2 missions- the Gnolls one
A local wizard who had a mishap from a summoning. Lists the address of a wizard’s tower on the edge of the city.
Lynette says she has some experience dealing with gnolls…Tracking things…
(She has the amber gemstone in her ring)
Lynette wanted to drop off some money for the families and pick up some
100 gold
I gave measurements for the elf and our driver…
Tailored- some back in an hour.
A fine velvet finish- not overly expensive.
Paid 4 gold from the 100 gold group loot.
Church of Cuthbert- the way this works is this is a clasp.
Swap the item in for something else. Clasp with a small diamond orb with a sphere of steel at it’s center.
You clasp this to a weapon and it makes the weapon harder.
Someone put it in one of our donation baskets.
Weapon shop- the guy offers 200 for it.
Minimally enchanted Heavy Steel Shield (+1) – 1000 gold. Paid my Fire Opal for it.
4 gold for my heavy wooden shield.

We gave Oliver his uniform and Lynette her uniform.
We headed down the road looking for trouble.
5 of gnolls step out.
The wagon slows to a stop.
One of them said- Stop your vessel and unload all of your goods and you won’t die.

Xaxis – 11
Tharr – 31
Monsters attacked our horses…

Feels good to be back out doing good…
6 battleaxes (40 gp)
6 short bows (100 gp)
6 heavy steel shields (70 gp)
6 leather armors (40 gp)
28 arrows to Lynette

The listing for the city
Gareth makes a necklace of all 12 ears
Gareth piled them up and burned them by the road.
It is past dark when we got back.
We headed to the barracks to turn in the job.
Only six attacked us- we killed them all.

New question: Baelore’s Goals?
“He is interested in learning all that can be learned about the interactions between planes such as portals, convergence events and neighboring planes. He strives to remain the foremost expert on all things related to the planes. He has special interest in observing rare occurrences and planar entities because of the valuable research potential. When possible, he likes adding rare creatures to his collection for long term research needs. He goes out of his way to create devices to contain these rare creatures in a suspended state so they don’t age or escape.”

Gave Lynette a scale so she could meet Effie.

Next morning- 2nd of Soha

Adv. Guild – Reward for the Gnoll job
City has authorized 600 gold, violet garnet (500), fire opal (1000), orb, and scroll
Orb from another adventuring group- black fist sized orb, slightly greasy to the touch-
This a soul void orb- it does some terrible stuff to whomever you shatter in front of
Scrambles their personal essence
Irregularly shaped piece of natural amber on a gold chain. A tiny creature twitches- looks like a preying mantis.
When you need a little help from a giant preying mantis- the command word is Mantis Go. It works once a day. The name of the item is Amber Amulet of Vermin- Giant Preying Mantis
Cast read magic and look at the scroll. Scroll of invisibility.

150 gp, 600 gp, 500 gp, 1000 gp
2250 gp

Discount Armor Shop- You’ll Catch Hyena AIDS!

Member’s Only Job Board:
Wizard who needs help
New One: Local Merchant had a run in with a creature- wanted to recover it’s lost goods.
Resembling a gangly human merged with a bloated spider. Coming through- took a short cut- past a burrow and this creature came out of it and he abandoned his wagon.
Sounds similar to an aberration humanoid spider thing.
2250 gp
100 gp
470gp ea.

To the Wizard’s Tower- wizard said, yeah- I kinda caused some problems upstairs.
What is it?
I was experimenting with some elemental summoning- more than I was expecting. There are two upstairs.
The one I summoned was an air elemental- the other one seemed to be a worst air elemental.
Xaxis – Bless / Bull’s Strength
Tharr – Bear’s Endurance / Magic Weapon/Aid

One looked like wind, one looked like a storm.
Gareth killed the one that looked like wind
Xaxis half thunder (2) Lightning (5)
Tharr full thunder (4)

Gareth moved up and killed the second one.
If I have any other incidents I will call…
We headed off to first farm we came too- went to the farm owners- we’ve been having some problems with a local hobgoblins.
They just came over the hill on the edge of our property and started attacking our farm hands.
Looks like most of the crops have been destroyed…
We followed the trail. X3
Entrance to a cave.
See a hobgoblin.
4 hobgoblins
4 longswords (40 gold)
4 studded leather (60 gold)
4 light shields (8 gold)
4 javelins (2 gold)
Pile 1000 silver pieces
Jet gem

Gareth made a necklace of the eight ears and then took the corpses outside and lit them on fire.
Spoke to the farmer.
Got directions to the snake farm- 30 minutes away.

To the snake farm- a group of adventurers just took care of it.

Back to the adventurer’s guild.
I heard you completed two jobs- impressive.

You’re like that other group that came through a couple of weeks ago… They cashed in a whole bunch of quests. There was at least five or six of them. I’d only seen four of them at once.
You never picked up your rings- Yeah, we’re gonna need a double header today. Just add the second gemstone…
1 more job to the third gemstone.
We still have the merchant report on the weird hybrid creature- copper level.

Entry level job- someone was importing an exotic animal escaped it’s box and is tearing up the goods. Lion…

We got the location – we went to the warehouse.
They said get in there before it tears up anything.
Our archer double critted the lion… and took it out solo.
You thoroughly impressed me- a little something extra…

I heard! Add another gem to it… Should I put it all in a big bucket for you.
You earned Jade level as well.

How do we open up the next tier?
Typically to get into the next tier you have to do as many jobs as the previous job…
Two more jobs to get the next ring color.
Then it will be three per stone.
Dumps a bunch of stuff out on the table.
1100 gold,
1000 silver,
painting (50 gold),
vial of oil of bless weapon (60 gold),
scroll (m) (300 gold),
Thunderstone (15 gold),
Bloodstone (50 gold),
quality heavy wooden shield (100 gold),
amethyst (100),
copper anklet (100 gold),
potion (m) (150 gold)
Hobs: 110 gold,
potion (150 gold),
jet gem (100 gold)

2485 gold total
497 gold each

Copper Level Ring – Maxed – Amber, Amethyst, & Jade
Me: 1 Violet Garnet (500), 99 PP

NOTE: Question pending at the end of Soha 2nd before sleep.

Session 10

Tharr’s Rough Notes

Effie race info
Ora the 28th Question?
Number of languages displayed? 100 or so languages. Some of which seem familiar to you.
1) Loremaster goal? (Evening of the 28th)
Everything there is to know. To know everything that can be known- lesser to maintain his homeworld.
“The Loremaster has spent the majority of his life delving the secrets of everything there is to know and is pretty knowledgable on just about everything. His ultimate goal is to know everything that can be known within his ability to learn such knowledge. A lesser goal of his is to maintain the balance and safety of his home world which he accomplishes through his vast knowledge of not only his reality but that of similar realities on similar paths. Everything else he seems to be doing is an extension of the two main goals.”
Ora the 29th, 2328HR
The codex will access the most pertinent information possible depending on the reader and the location.

Jeff went to the docks to ask about the seeds of eternity. Gather info…
The people did not have any useful information.
A couple of weeks ago there were whispers of people talking about the seeds got off a boat.
Gareth went to the adventurer’s guild-
The Crow Job.
The report in from some of the farms just outside of town. Seemed to be half a dozen of these strange creatures in the report. Rough directions to where they were. Well-armed- move on two legs.
Go to the location and talk to farmers- we were just out in our fields- strange looking creatures came out of the woods- midday- stole our crops. Stole our corn and pumpkins.
Daggers, swords- didn’t actually see any wings there were feathers sticking out from their cloth clothing.
Planes – 27 – doesn’t seem like anything planar
Dude- nature – 23 – race of roguelike half-crow humanoids in bands- like to specialize in the theft of other things.
Xaxis – religion – nothing
Arcana – 13 merry +2 – nothing
Gareth used the farmer’s directions and found their tracks. Then followed them.
Looks to be an old camp site.
Through the trees- a cloaked humanoid
Birdlike talons
Black beak and russet brown feathers.
Squawked and flew into the cave.
Flickering candles/torches in the cave.
We headed in- I kept enchanting myself.
Called out in Giant that they didn’t all have to die and killed the one that attacked me.
Inset into the wall are a couple of holes with beds- discarded fruit.
Why you come into our home and attack us?
More beds into the walls- some discarded fruit- partially eaten.
So you’re chasing us out of our home for what reason?
Then it ran away screaming, Monsters!
On the far wall- more holes for more beds.
Then they ambushed us and then said to leave.
Killed 4, 1 escaped, 1 prisoner
Stripped 5 of them
5 short swords
5 short bows
2 saps
25 arrows
Gareth burned the bodies and lit the beds on fire.
Sucked some smoke- searched for worthy things.
I found an amethyst in one of them.
Kept looking…
Small gold bracelet.
Kept looking…
Handful of silver pieces
Kept looking…
Another handful of silver pieces
Kept looking…
Rolled up piece of parchment
Made it out.
Sketched the crow creature.

Just leave him here- if all they want is food, maybe showing them some compassion will resolve this issue.
Monsters! You destroyed our cave.
Creck. We are Kenku.
We can untie you and you can seek your brethren and leave the area
We can untie you and you can work with this farmer and try to earn some room and board.
We can slit your throat.

We need less food now on account of you culling our tribe…
Farmer said, fine, leave him here. I’ll inform the guild that you fulfilled your contract.
He wrote down something on a slip of paper and handed it to me.
Best Yoda/Grover voice

Parchment: The bearers of this have fulfilled the contract for Farmer Rab.
Turned in the slip at the adventurer’s guild.
You have fulfilled your first contract. Would you like to become full members of the guild?
Come back tomorrow and we’ll have your guild rings ready.
We are expanding our influence into the main continent of Kasuna.
You are now official members of the Zen Garden Adventurers.
The rings: We will be keeping track of your membership level/rank. Access to special opportunities- the shops will eventually give you a discount. Any other members you flash will give you opportunities- doors will literally and figuratively open for you. Higher profile jobs pay better.
A couple of more jobs to get special access to the store- but yes, our shop can take goods off your hands that you have acquired.

5 short swords – 30 gold.
5 short bows and 25 arrows – 80 gold.
2 saps – 1 gold.
Small gold bracelet – check with a jeweler…
Headed to a jewelry store.
Gold bracelet – 50 gold.
Looked at the scroll… arcane
Magic Store
We’d like to sell this scroll – I will give you 100 gold for this.

361 gold 100 silver pieces in total value
72 gold each
22 silver each

Xaxis went to the weapons shop and picked up 20 crossbow bolts.
Gareth went to check with the guards about any local troubles.

Retired for the evening-
Effie Race Info (29th Evening)
Figment- ultra rare – thwen plane.
“The Reebinogthwen race or coined common tongue name Figment is an ultra rare species of Dragon. They exist primarily on the Thwen plane just offset from the material plane. The Figment get their name from the fact that they can sometimes appear to only certain people and not everyone giving the illusion that they aren’t actually there for everyone else as if they were a figment of a fevered mind. As young, they typically can not interact with objects on the material plane without magical intervention. Once they get older, they are able to phase shift between the Thwen and Material plane at will.”

New morning
30th of Aura
Paid up two more days for the horses- good through the 2nd.
Wagon will arrive tomorrow- Oliver will check it out.
Back to the adventurer guild.
Get five guild rings
Sequence of empty settings.
Three settings that are empty.

This is what
900 sp
Potion of Cure Moderate – Gareth
Guild sweetened it- vial of Silversheen – Merry

New item on job board:
Help with removing Ogre from newly discovered mine/cave.
We’ll take the gnoll job.
Had the report of the raiding party on the path to Parrish.
Southwest out of town- draw them out somehow. Wagon?
Go outside the walls- the west side- keep going until you see the mountains. Follow the path.
Outside- miner’s camp- set up. George Foreman. Foreman George.
We headed out – met up with George.
I just posted that earlier today- you guys are fast. A bonus if you clear this out fast.
This Ogre has hurt/killed people.
Some silver and some crystal type things in the mine to make it worth it.
We headed into the cave…
“You dig in home you die” and threw a javelin at me.
He said we’re gonna die!
Our archers attempted to take shots at him- Merry & Jeff- both missed.
He threw another javelin and went back into the darker part of the cave.
We enchanted Gareth all the way up.
I killed him with a glow bolt from my heavy crossbow.
Search the corpse- really big club and hide armor that stinks.
Miner’s corpses. No valuables to speak of.
Some sort of bed there.
Rolled the monster onto the mattress and, as a group, drag it out.
Foreman- hey, you got it!
We found these- a set of blood stones (mentioned bonus)
A climber’s Kit.
Back to the guildmaster- one of the miner’s beat us there.
I just heard- here’s what we have on file.
800 gold in a bag and an elixir.
Elixir if hide.

900 silver
Amethyst (100 gold)
2 Blood Stones (100 gold)
A climber’s Kit (to the wagon- group loot)
800 gold
1000 gold, 900 silver
1090 gold

20 platinum, 8 gold

30th – question
Guardians Green
Campaign actively
The Guardians of the Green campaign actively against those who trample upon nature. Anything that is considered unnatural is a target of the organizations operations. This organization has a heavy presence on Keshuna and the organization’s headquarters is located outside of the city of Enillos in South Keshuna. To gain entry to the inner sanctum of the Guardian’s headquarters, they need to be brought there by a member of the Elite Green. Members of the Guardians will know what to look for within Enillos to make contact with one of the Elite Green.

Tomorrow? Get the wagon, take care of the gnolls, the church mission should also pay out.

Session 9

Tharr’s rough notes:

Aura 8th- contract restored.
Aura 11th- met other ship.
Aura the 12th
Current date
Right near the north kosuna/south kosuna border
16 scales as of today.
The wizard guy comes up on deck and starts casting a spell.
I couldn’t tell what he was casting.
Xaxis said- some sort of detection spell.
The rest of the day passes.
Each time I cast augury- I got a nothing result each time. – leaving the mystery wizard alone.
Then I cast augury about seeking out the seeds of eternity- the action will probably bring good results.

The wizard looks really old. His features seem very subtly scorched- like he’s been on fire or somewhere really hot.

The dude came on deck dressed as the mega wizard…
“I found you, man!”

7 days – 22 scales total that I have.
28 scales total that I have.
27th of Aura, ship arrives in port.
Unloaded the horses.
There is a human, messenger looking person waiting at the docks.
I have a package for you- gets handed a big box.
Told to show up at this time and this place- a boat- and a rough description of you.
The captain thanked us for our help- I am going to have to hire pretty much a whole new crew…

The box looks to be made of thin wood. A simple top. No writings on it.
Gareth stepped away and opened the box.
Some sort of tome- a letter on the top and a small looking jar filled with sparkling flowers.
The letter says:
“Thought you could use a little bit of help and Effie is probably hungry by now. This is one of my codexes- to figure out how to use it, set the dials to codex. the reason I’m sending the letter and the codec is because I’m relatively confident that Baelore was not affected by my time spell and is aware of what I did. I believe the reason that he didn’t give you any trouble on the ship is that he detected the effects of my spell and realized that you are not just some random things to crush but have powerful allies- score one for me. But just in case you need some extra help, that’s what the codec is for.
-The Lore Master”
A black leather tome with an intricate design with an inscription at the top.
Not any language I could read on it.
Underneath it is a dial on the center. 8 runes around it.
A rune on the big dial

The word in the center of the big rune shaped dial- it says common.
Each of the runes has a series of notches around it.
All of them are the letter A.
16 letter A’s in two rows. The word Common above it.

I changed the first six dials to spell common.
Turn the main dial clockwise- changed to the same language as the message at the top.
22 letters above with spaces.
There is a space option on the dials.
I set it back to common and spelled codex with the first five dials. The lock opened.

The only page that the book opens too- a couple of sentences.
“This codex was created to remotely
The power supply
It can take inquiries in most written languages.
The codex

“Loremaster Codex”


There is a wagon dealer at the end of the trade district- head out of the dock district – south that way.

Can’t shift any of the dials- it seems our question will have to wait.

200 gold- 3 days to complete the modifications. 210 with transportation fee.
Come back on Soha the 1st.

Into a weapons and armor shop (The Final Blow):
Suit of Fullplate Armor (900 gold)
Pretty nice rapier (Merry)
Nice light crossbow (Oliver)
3 crossbows (70 gold for all three)
3 rapiers (40 gold for all three)
3 suits of studded leather (40 gold for all three)
9 light crossbow bolts
10 per bundle – 1 gold each
30 heavy bolts
30 light bolts
1050 gold – 6 gold = 1044 gold
Pointed us down the road- the Toil and Trouble.

Potion – poisoning…
I could give you 200 gp for it.
1244 gold total loot.
ID Fee – 110 gp – Chain Shirt +1
1134 gold total./4 (I didn’t take a share)
283 gold, 4 sp for other four

Leather armor- sell (jar of spit)
Three days until the wagon is done.

My current total
58 pp, 463 gp, 251 sp
104 pp, 28 gp, 1 sp

Fire Opal (1000 gp)
6 pp, 8 gp, 1 sp

Weapon totals:
3 heavy crossbows
3 light crossbows
Total: 100 crossbow bolts

28th of Aura
Found adventurer’s guild – w/gar and xax
Bar in there- sitting around a fire drinking.
Have to complete a public job- to join. Then the better jobs. You get perks as you move yourself up.

Call for assistance- a raiding group of crow people that have been raiding local farms.
Snake problems at one of the other farms.
Problems with gnolls on the roads.
Mention of a church in town that’s been finding dead people within the church grounds. The church of St. Cuthbert.
Church Job- High Priest there- once complete the job to their satisfaction, we credit it to your membership.
Father Alderman- we got directions to the church. Ash district.
Caught up with the rest of the group- the dude and merry joined us.
We found the church- old fence around the property. The church is aging- at least a couple of hundred years old. Parts of the original stonework have been broken, parts faded, parts renovated.
We found him on the steps.
Over the last week we’ve had 3 murders- looks like they were slashed up. There were blood trails leading up to the church and disappeared around the side and the back of the church.
Some of our – 1 of our clerics and a couple of our regular parishioners. It’s usually towards dusk or night when no one else is around.
We asked around- haven’t heard of any other problems around here. Looks like they were slashed by some sort of weapon. Maybe three or four claws. We don’t believe that robbery was a motive- nothing seemed to be missing. Gardener didn’t have anything either.
The latest hasn’t been killed yet- we can get you in to see the body. Can I get someone to take them down to the crypt to show them the body.
Into the church- set of stairs behind the crypt. Some unknown tool that does not look very sharp. Outside – if you are facing the church- on the left side.
It is a possibility of some sort of construct- something that was animated, as a possibility.
Some of the figures above where the blood trail ends look better, renovated, then the others.
Some scaffolding in the back then a ladder to get up onto the roof.
There was a shipment of stonework that came- we were trying to replace the existing ones.
The deaths started about a week after…
One false step- that’s a good 100 feet down.
Made it up to the roof.
Three hours pass- it is now dusk.
Another hour passes- it is now dark.
Merry pulled out a bullseye lantern and lit it.
I pushed one- got it to rock.
Pushed on old one- it crumbled.
Pushed a third one- it clawed me back.

Grotestque winged humanoid with a horned heat and a stony hide.
Backed off and cast Aid.
Snuck behind Gareth and made his weapon magical.
I hit my crit- just enough to drop the gargoyle before it could drop Gareth off the roof.
I pondered what would happen if someone fell from that height, tonight was not the night to find out
First questioned our honesty since the creature looked like stone then asked if we were sure we had gotten it taken care of.
The head cleric said come back in a couple days.

Start next week on the 29th.

Session 8

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

Aura 3rd, 2328HR

Unknown Location

Walls are made of stone. No seams or anything. Maybe the area has been removed by magic.
There is a door leaving- Stone door, looks different from the rest of the wall.
8X8 squares
The ceiling is at least 80 feet at the highest point. The walls are basically sheer.
Do not see any apparent light sources- it is lit. The symbol in the floor is glowing.
The symbol in the center has a radius of almost 2 squares.

Our host:
Looks like a man- human. He looks like an academic- probably spends too much time around books. Dark hair and dark eyes- in his 30’s maybe. His eyes look quite a bit older. He’s wearing a robe. He has a book- both hands on the book.

The guy looks at the book:
What did you do?
He starts flipping through- this isn’t supposed to happen?
M: What did you do?
Guy: I hope I didn’t do anything wrong – but this isn’t right…
M: What was supposed to happen?
Guy: Not this. We weren’t supposed to meet yet.
G: I just watch.
I summoned you here because you were not in a very good place. It would have been very bad.
I summoned you here.

Looked at symbol- 23 + assist – Know arcana – Teleportation circle. It seems to be fading into the floor- disappearing.
He says he did not write the letter.
He walked up to us- showed us his book- and what he just said was written in his book.

As a result of not dealing with the bugbear-

That academic guy- went looking for us in Bichi and went back to wherever he went too.
According to my record, Osphrid died in the arena…
That gave the owner of the package.
You probably

It was given to me by the leading priest from Dragonledge.
Ah- it’s a relic…

Each of us gets one question.
We need to get this back on track- I am capable of a time wrinkle to get you back on this ship. Time is of the essence- it takes a while to cast. I have to be completely honest- this will hurt.

If I send you to Inferno- before the people with the seeds arrive. You will have to do nothing.

Xaxis- can you recharge my item? He said, he can’t recharge it- it’s divine magic.

If you don’t mention Effie- as soon he doesn’t need it, he will leave. He does not need the boat.
You want him to lose interest- keep Effie away from him.
If you give no indication that Effie is there
The time wrinkle has a 50% chance of not effecting him.

Effie: What were the wizard’s intentions with me?
Oracle: He was attempting to use you as a trophy piece because the denizens of your plane are very rare and he’s a bit of a collector of planar oddities.

Xaxis: Where will I find a great tome of wisdom?
Oracle: Although this is not the answer you were looking for, you will come across a great metropolis
Tharr: I would like more information about the machine that effected Effie?
Oracle: It is a very complex wonderous item that allows it to reach into and collect creatures of another plane for capture and display- there was another setting on the machine that allows the creature to be in stasis
Gareth: If one wanted to become closer with the Guardians of the Green, where would one go and what would one do?
Oracle: Your travels are going to take you to the mainland of Keshiki and inevitably an opportunity will arise where you can meet with the leaders of the entire continent- if that interaction goes well…
Merry: Where will I find the greatest riches?
Oracle: The path that you are proceeding on will take you towards stupendous riches but will take you some time to get there- continue on the path.
Jeffrey: Do I have free will?
Oracle: My information was based entirely on the account given by the six of you from an alternate reality and the assumption would be that it was going to be close- but you have proved you can make your own decisions.

I really thought some of your questions were gonna be more of a broad stroke, but- well- okay. This is gonna hurt.

The spell goes off- there is the side effect of possible short term memory loss.
The most painful thing you’ve ever experienced short of death- half damage.
The abandoned ship encounter was like three days ago.
We healed each other up.
Talked about it for a while- Oliver came up and said our doubles were below.
Oliver managed to distract the people on the second floor over to the galley.
Saw my corpse- generally like me, but the features aren’t quite right- somebody did a shoddy job of molding me out of clay…
Did not look like the other shapeshifter we killed…
Gareth killed faux Xaxis
Managed to knock out Jeffrey.
We managed to drag the corpses into our rooms or their rooms- Oliver

Pretty nice rapier, nice light crossbow, and a really nice chain shirt.
Chain shirt is magical.

Our prisoner wakes up…
Merry interrogated him.
Name? That doesn’t matter.
Why are you impersonating us? We saw an opportunity to make a big score.
Are there more of you? I dunno.
Where’s the rest of my team? All gone.
They’re all dead? Then no, no one else.
Anyone else waiting for us? That’s not how our people work…
Business arrangements- try to run a scam or scheme…
Someone has wealth or access to wealth.
What are you?
We live among us- I guess you could call us changlings. We try to adapt to our surroundings. We were operating in Bichi- talked to your driver- found out where you were going. Being persued by some guy. Got on this boat- what a break…
Driver? Osphrid.
Where is he? He was no longer necessary.
Person persuing? Nasty type- not someone we wanted to mess with- seemed to get around amazingly quick. He’d get in front of us- skipping through, really fast.
These guys don’t really look like the other one we killed.
Asked him to assume his natural form.
Subtly change- the rest with equipment and makeup.
His features get a little more featureless.
Jeff- that guy that was persuing me is on here.
The guy wanted us to throw us overboard- didn’t want anything to do with him.
Yes, I saw him casting spells.
I want off this ship.
Just tell them that I saw my stop-
Man over board- No, I’m fine!

Aura the 3rd ended.

Mundane loot:
3 Crossbow
3 rapiers
3 Suits of studded leather
9 light crossbow bolts

Trained up over the next few days…
Worked with Gareth on reading…

Aura the 8th – his contract expires this day.
Five days at sea- Oliver approaches the group.
Oliver has been paid 60 gold so it would be good for 30 more days.

Sohi the 3rd it expires at midnight.

On the 11th the boat docks with another dock on the sea- this boat is going back to Suki- we’re halfway to Suki- this is your opportunity to go back.
Card games, mini break.
Anything going on in Inferno?
Just outside of town- talks of attacks by trolls.
I believe there was a group of adventurers- part of the adv.guild- gonna look into it.
The Arno- boat we docked with.
The notes are in our own handwriting…

Session 7

Tharr’s Raw Notes:

Mezzo the 25th- day of the ship

Suggested Effie stock up on her magic flowers as we might be on the sea for a month.
Fruit – 3 sp per pound
12 gold for a crate of oranges
I Paid 12 gp

2 sp per gallon – 10 gallons of rum.
8 gallons in our 8 gallon cask, 2 individual gallons.
(Paid by Gareth)

10 pound of garlic (160 copper) = 16 sp = 1.6 gp
1 pound sage (1.6 gp)
5 pounds oregano (16 gp)
2 pounds horseradish (3.2 gp)

Xaxis brought in 1 ounce pepper, 10 loaves of bread, 8 hunks of cheese, 2 pounds of jerked beef

4 ounces of mustard seed
2 pounds of dried apples
2 pounds of dried pears
5 pounds of dried raisins
2 pounds of jerked beef
3 pounds of almonds
3 pounds of chestnuts
1 ounce of nutmeg

Xaxis got a scale and gave it to me.
We boarded the ship with minutes to spare- our papers provided by Jeff showed them and it checked out.

Volunteered to help clean, heal, and mend
We do have some other passengers- don’t bother them in their rooms.
The ship set sail…

As I recall, this is one of the boat that they (WS) contract

Skip forward four days- did our duties as assigned.
Jeff gets 2, tharr gets one scale

On the 28th we hear from the main deck- All Hands on Deck!
Late in the afternoon- kinda foggy.

We see a boat stopped dead in the water. The sail is torn. The main mast seems to be broken. Can’t see colors.
It is clear that there has been some sort of commotion. Seems severely damaged on the tap and the side. Looks very old- some of the wood has been rotted.
Xaxis, myself, Merry, and two crewmembers volunteered to board. I handed one heavy crossbow to a crewmember and the other one first to Merry, and she gave it to Gareth to cover us.

I moved onto the boat and listened- didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary.
Several of us moved onto the ship.
Pulled out a sheet of parchment and cast light on it as I crept carefully across the boards- while I made it across, the boards collapsed and the crewman fell below decks.

Attacking from the debris are a sequence of razor sharp wooden spines for hair. Tongue is overly long and studded with sprinters, skin is barklike.
One of the monsters hit me. I got hit for 13. Xaxis tried to get to me to help and fell through the deck.
I got hit again and went down.
Xaxis revived me then I healed myself after that.
I walked over and picked up a dwarven waraxe.
Gareth picked up what looked like a composite longbow.
I take a couple of handfuls of coins from the chest.
One of the creatures dropped through the ceiling, ran past me, and hid- I didn’t see where it went.

We grabbed everything of value.
Jeff found an additional compartment with additional look.
The ship is sinking.
Sketched the creature.

Crew is not interested in the equipment.
My share:
18 platinum
462 gold
240 sp

Suit of Fullplate
Composite longbow (high quality)
Dwarven waraxe (high quality)

Mezzo the 28th today
Another couple of peaceful days at sea.
1 got 2 Effie scales
One of the passengers shows up on deck.
Plain looking humans.

Aura 3rd
We spoke at dinner about our odd fellow passengers…

Talked to Effie on deck.

The captain told Jeff there’s an academic guy in addition to the five unremarkable guys.
We sent Effie to spy on the mysterious five and the academic guy.
A huge bright light
Floating in place- naked.
Image of boat floats away.
Flew after it…

Effie says, you might be in my world now…
She got really scared…

The duplicates popped out looking like us.
We floated through the boat once Effie put some of the extra scales on our clothes.
Jeff spied on the academic for a while then flew out.
There seemed to be very little else in the doppleganger’s rooms

I asked- how did they know?

They are asking each other- where the hell are they?

Effie was scared…

The duplicates are dressed with us like we were in Bichi…

They met- what the hell is happening? They’re not on the fucking boat…
There is a large explosion like deal- right here
A bunch of green rays coming through the wall
There are five suspicious piles of dust on the floor.

At this moment- feel an uneasiness that we’ve felt two times before.
Jeff asked, are you the one who sent us those letters?
The academic started rifling through one of his books.

Obviously my spell didn’t work because you’re still here…
He slung a spell at the wall- it melted.
He cast a really strong spell- I saved one
Then the next one hit- lets you force extra planar creatures out of your plane.

We found ourselves somewhere dark.
It is cold here.
A very panic sense of uneasiness.
The fire ignites but produces no light- feel the heat but no light.
I racked my brain to figure out where we were.
I started feeling the cold draining at me- it is starting to burn.
Best guess- Negative Energy plane.
Dark, empty- the eternal pit. To the observer, little to see.

Xaxis pulled out something out- and we were in Dragonledge.
We are in the center of a summoning circle.

We feel a third uneasiness- someone is scrying the hell out of us.
We feel a sense like we are being requested somewhere.
Resist or go with it? Yes.

We appeared in another summoning with Effie…
Some sort of Wizard there.


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