Tales of Tolgard

Session 49

Tharr’s Notes:

22nd of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Opal) (4 missions to Platinum Lvl) (33 done)

1300 gp
Fire Opal (1000 gp)
Tapestry (200 gp)
Magical Helm (-100 gp) -

Swung by what passes for an item shop.
Sold the tapestry.

Teleported Tordek with me to Whisper to get the helmet ID’d
Helm of Battle
+2 bonus on next attack roll to do lots of things – bulrush, overrun, disarm, sunder, and trip
3x per day
(1000 gp for it)
180 ea.

Teleported back successfully.

28th of Aen
Headed to the temple
Asked around about the elf- showed up first thing in the morning and then stormed out in a huff.
We sought out the head priest- he said that yes, we did
She said she was going back to the inn to wait.
We headed back to the inn…
Lynette is sitting at an empty table.
Lynette yelled at Ramirez, Why didn’t you tell me?
She pulled him aside to talk to him.

Tharr (-5), Xaxis (14), and Tordec (29)

A couple of words- upset about not being tolk about Azana and something about dreams and ‘let them have their gods’

Lynette- I’ve gotten us a lead!
Something you said yesterday- St. Cuthbert has very similar ideology- maybe he has some affiliation with Azana- maybe she follows him. I got communicated in my dreams by Azana- after talking with her last night I went to talk to the priest to verify some information.

She has no affiliation with this amulet…

She said, based on her understanding of the situation, she would be able to help us find it. Specifically, there is a magic item that I’m supposed to find that’s hidden here in the town that if we use it on the pedestal that it was being held, it will give us a tuning as to where it is.

They have similar ideologies…

Tordek went to get digging tools.
The description leads us just outside of town- the tree has been split violently by some sort of storm.
The ground in front of the tree has been disturbed.
Based on the scorching of the tree- lightning strikes or multiple lightning strikes- with the faint smell of burnt wood.
The grass around the area is overgrown.
Almost immediately after start digging – hit something metal sounding.
A charred rod of some sort.
It has a slight vibration to it.
Headed back to the temple…

The mass is wrapping up.
The head priest is at the pedestal.
I asked a parishioner the name of their head priest: Brother Roland.

The pedestal looks to have at one time held the amulet.
Put the rod on the pedestal…
I spun it in 360 degrees- didn’t seem to vibrate in any particular direction.
Lynette tapped it – vibrating harder
I took it and pointed it around- seemed to vibrate towards the NW part of town.
Reached the edge of town- still vibrating.
Roughly in that direction is silent breeze.
As we start to leave- Lynette says, I just recalled:
Something about a mention of a bucket.

Rolland was outside the perimeter tending to the flowers.
Rolland knows nothing of a bucket.

Heading to Silentbreeze
First day and night were fine.
Waking up the next day.
It seems to be vibrating northward rather than NW.

Heading north.
Survival checks…

We headed north through the woods.
Starting to get dark- at this point the rod seems to be behaving in an erratic fashion. It doesn’t seem to be pointing in a specific direction- it’s trying to align itself in a different way.
It sticks at an angle towards the ground.
Not near a mountain or a hill.

Made some markings on the ground where the rod is and which way it’s pointing.
Camped for the night.
1st and 2nd watch went by.

Large, skeletal humanoids. Slender clawlike claws- up to 10 feet before slowly contracting.

Got stabbed hard while asleep-
Woke and cast protection devotion, shield of faith mass, and got to a kneeling position.
Tordec woke up and carefully stood up, shield handy.
Isn’t clear where these things come from- most likely from a fell nether plane. Exceptional control over their claws. Notoriously difficult to kill.
Cast light of mercuria.

We won the day…

A small kingdom you probably haven’t heard of…
The name of the kingdom: Aebios
Wracked my brain- known as the lost Continent. As it disappeared hundreds of years ago- disappeared one day with a terrible mega storm. Very little remains or even it’s exact location wasn’t indicated in the history. It was believed to have been entirely destroyed by a catastrophic storm. No reliable way to know where it is. No known maps are said to exist.

Codex: Where is Aebios?
The location is unknown- it is most likely to be somewhere south of Versat and Keshiki.

We moved the rod around- found the spot pointing straight down. Lynette found a tiny little revine about 20 feet deep. Looking down into it an entran

Session 48

Tharr’s Notes:

22nd of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Opal) (4 missions to Platinum Lvl) (33 done)

Ramirez put up about 10 of the fliers in our town.
Teleported us to Deep Shade and then back to Enillos.
Checked in the guild shop – no new jobs
Checked with the guildmaster…
Headed to the Fox and the Hound for a drink- mid day- planned to leave in the morning for hilreen.
Ran into Anvil

23rd of Aen- heading out to Hilreen
Made it to Hilreen
The town seems to have kicked it up a notch- the miner’s inn is full
It’s taken care of

3 ½ days to Tydra
24th of Aen
The evening of the first day’s travel
Hideously ugly woman- deep blue, open sores, scraggily hair, broken yellow teeth, red eyes.

She started copying us…
Lynette, then Anvil
She said, “That’s fucked up” after I laid down…

She turned into a puddle of mush and rags when Anvil tried to decapitate her.
Nothing of value in the puddle of rags- Anvil looked through them.

Day 2 went by peacefully
Quiet nyte.

Day 3…
Stopped by a strange man dragging a chest behind him.
Wearing rags.
Greetings, travelers!
Riddle – two guesses
This creature- part man and part tree hates the termite as much as the flea.
His tracks do not match and his limbs do detach- but not a strange creature to see.

A man with a peg leg!
He disappeared in a puff of smoke…
Chest is magical
A pile of coins
A fire opal
A rolled up tapestry
A helm (m)

The chest would not move- Anvil removed everything from the chest and the chest disappeared.
Anvil counted the coins – 1300 gp
Some not minted on this continent…
A number of them have symbols on them I’ve never seen on all of our travels.
3 or 4 symbols that we haven’t seen before.
A couple that Anvil recognized from back home.

Day 3 evening…

Day 4 – middle of the day – 27th of Aen –
Approach the town of Tydra- there is a large, blackened (burnt) area surrounding a temple of some sort near the entrance to the town. The wildlife seems to be dead- the temple seems to be in pristine condition.
There is a picture over the entrance of the temple that looks like a falling star inside of a circle.
I tried to identify the temple: Don’t recognize the symbol, the symbols on the windows for St. Cuthbert
Looked at the burned area- there are spell effects that could have created this kind of burn, but spells typically don’t leave this kind of effect.
What do I recall about St. Cuthbert:
God of retribution, lawful neutral- exacts revenge and just punishment on those that flaunt the law. His clerics cannot be evil.
Xaxis went into the entrance.
Five foot circle of lush grass with a pedestal in the middle- surrounded by a burnt area. 7-8 people sitting in the pews. A priestly looking person over against the wall looking at some books.
Priest asked, Have you come here, brother, to pray
Heard the story of Brother Grafaris and the star shard
Many years ago, when the gem mines just outside of town were first discovered, this brought about a lot of unwanted attention- lots of people wanted to come here and take the riches that were earned with back breaking labor.
Our Brother G said I will go out there and attempt to steer them away and towards the path of light. He was initially very skeptical- but he said he’d do what he could. They seemed uninterested in what he would say- they were unimpressed. He prayed before the slew him- down came a falling star killing the lot of them. Killing them but sparing him any harm at all, despite being right in the explosion.
He declared there could be no other reason. Gathered the remaining pieces and collected the pieces and made a holy symbol. Cool to the touch though it glowed- and kept him warm. Built a temple just outside of Tydra. For many years he taught here- we left the star shard on the pedestal behind me- however, a number of months ago it was stolen from the temple.
What do you know about the people who took it?
It appeared to be some people in robes who seemed to want to listen to the sermon but had particular interest in the shard. They did make an effort to sneak in here when no one was look. We do not know a whole lot about where they went. Asking in town someone had seen something like someone like the robbed figures heading west into the woods- we travelled a day in that direction but saw nothing that looked like a clue.
How long ago? A couple of months ago. They were very secretive – at least human sized. They did speak common without any particular accent. A little raspy, maybe.
Checked the codex:

Common description is fallingstar cult
Fallen Star Cult
No entry
Star Shard
The star shard is an artifact that was acquired after it fell from the heavens, made of some platinum metal, and is being used as a holy symbol. It looks like it should be burning hard but is cool to the touch. It was crafted by brother G- reports say he prayed for assistance and it destroyed the invader but did not hurt him in anyway, leaving a circle of green where he stood. It remained in his possession until his death- at which point it was placed on display in the temple he built. It is believed to be a legacy item.

Lynette has an idea:
Maybe we can meet up tomorrow morning and I’ll see if that ideas has grown any.
Wanna meet up with me tomorrow morning…

Session 47

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

9th of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (1 missions to 3rd gemstone) (32 done)

Lynette moved to the end of the walkway, peeking into the next room
I flew in
I see a bunch of equipment at various levels of decay. Coins scattered about mostly centered near the top.
I hit a web flying around- 22 feet off the ground.
Far tunnel goes downward at an angle- only see 20-30 feet before looking at the bottom of the tunnel.
Leroy attempted to head up the hill and failed.

Large, monstrous spider descends from the cave.
Five spiders appeared.
The mound stirs as the fire hits it.
It poisoned me- took str to 2 floating in the air helpless
Lynette dragged my floating body…

Next day
Pathway goes down steeply
Blocked the tunnel about a mile down.

Back to town.
Report success.
Signed paper saying it was taken care of.

M – Belt (-100) Carrying capacity is doubled. 2 times per day- sac prepared spell. (4000 gp)
Blue Diamond (5000 gp)
100 pp worth of coins (1000 gp)

Turned in the mission:
Town + the city:
160 pp (1600 gp)
Bronze Music Box (2500 gp)
Fire Opal (1000 gp)
M – Globe looking thing (-100) Globe of Sunlight (3000 gp)

Fire Opal in the ring

12th of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby, Fire Opal) (4 missions to Platinum Lvl) (33 done)

3420 ea.

9 days of training…
21st of Aen when done

Boots of Big Stepping – 5400 gp
+2 caster level to teleportation spells
Command Word – twice per day – teleport up to 60 feet, no chance of error, as Greater Teleport spell

Session 46

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

8th of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30(
2) done)

Ramirez hit Amber Level Copper
Mentioned the cloud issue and turned in the amulet.
2 loot boxes incoming…

Duskstone Amulet:
1500 gp
Violet garnet
M. Broach (Broach of Shielding) Protects against Magic Missiles (750 gp)

1300 gp
Fire Opal
Oil Painting (250 gp)
M. Light Flail (+1) (1150 gp)

Ragged wool clothing (0 gp)
Wand (-110) – Wand of Fear – ½ charges – (5250 gp)
2 daggers (2 gp)
Spellbook (30 gp)
3 empty leather pouches (5 sp)
2 daggers (2 gp)
2 great axes (20 gp)
1 longsword (8 gp)
1 small wooden shield (2 gp)

5 pouches
280 gold
3 eye agates (30 gp)
5 moon stones (250 gp)
2 amethysts (200 gp)
Scroll case – rolled up scroll – Maze (1500 gp)
(2gp case)
Golden cloak pen set with diamonds (1100 gp)

Gathering up the lootz
300 pp
1 Amethyst (100 gp)
M – Pair of Gauntlets (-110 ID) Leather gloves with arcane sigils. Gauntlets of Energy Transformation. Change energy type of any weapon you hold. (500 gp)
369 gp
8675 sp
M – spoon (-110 ID) Merlynn’s Spoon – empty container – thick, pasty gruel. (2700 gp)

22,238 gp
/5 = 4447.6 gp ea.

+ 2 wis item – sell for 2000 gp.
+4 wis item in Whisper – 14, 400 gp

Reports from Hilream about some people being snatched up and dragged into a giant cave by a rather large, odd-looking spider. Seemed to be grabbed from a distance and pulled in. City has put together a reward to deal with it. The cave or lair was unearthed when some of the miners in the area had broken through to a new chamber.
Thought about what I knew about the natural world – spiders have been known to throw webs at people to pull them back and feed on them.
Thought about spiders in this area: hunter version and the web slinger version. Hunters are faster- hunt on ground. Web slinger version are found underground – not as fast- better in small spaces. Both variants are poisonous…
Heading south to Hilren
Arrive in Hilren on the end of Aen the 8th
Tracked down the Mayor’s home
We’ve come from the Zegaran’s Adventurer’s Guild
Eastward 2-3 hours travel along the mining trail- up to the cave entrance- danger of being snatched up.
One of the few viable businesses here.
Probably go down to the tavern- talk to some of the miners who have made it out alive.
The ones without local ties have gone to other cities looking for work.
Best bet- the Diamond in the Ruff
Headed to the bar
4 or 5 people there- very, very empty
Talk to those miners over there…
Headed over.
Sent down here to deal with the spider problem.
Yeah, we saw it snatch up two of our fellow miners- seemed to shoot its fangs out and snatch them. Large thing with spikes all over it. Kinda bronze colored.
The first attack happened after we were digging through the mine and broke through another chamber. I believe none of them survived. That was when the first sitting of them happened.
Collecting metals for the local demand in the area- iron, copper, tin- occasionally a little gold or something else, gem maybe.
Any other creatures in the mine.
A couple buildings over to the hilren inn.
Leroy ordered the strongest thing in the bar…
You know, I have people come in all the time by ordering the strongest thing that we have. We’ve had too many deaths.
Produced a flash of boiling liquid. If you can deal with this, maybe next time… The cup was melting.
Leroy knocked it back.
(fort save 14) -2 wis
(paid for 3 more) [-6 wis damage]
He insulted the dwarves and stumbled off…
Went to the only inn
-10 sp for 2 rooms

9th of Aen
Followed the mining trail- to a semi-large cave.
Muddy footprints and larger prints of something else. Faint hint of blood mixed with it.
3 castings of ebon eyes.
We headed in.
Mining equipment scattered about- a broken wall at the far end with large rocks blocking.
No webs in evidence.
Cast fly on myself- checked out the gear. Looks to have been dropped in a hurry. Lying next to a vein of iron in the wall.
Creature the size of a pair of horses looms before you. 10 legs rather than 8. Eyes look like they belong on a human. Long mandibles.
When it came through the rubble it turned out to be a lot bigger than we thought. Two mandibles shot out like harpoons and me and the orc

It says something: You will be delicious…

It lashes out as it collapses, hitting the orc
Noises coming from the cave.
Moved up and cast greater stone shape to make a tunnel besides the spider’s corpse
The Half-Orc headed into the cave filled with web
Ramirez cast dark way over the webs
I cast fly on Lynette and flew into the new cave
Head and torso of an elf and the lower body of a spider. It shoots lightning from one of its claws.
Another monster floated over…
A missile of magical energy hit us.
Ramirez moved up and cast searing lights on the floating one doing impressive damage
Lynette took out the flying one with an amazing shot
Cast Bear’s on myself.
The orc managed to drop the other spider monster.

Session 45

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

7th of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)

The room:
Long chamber with a high, vaulted ceiling.
Stale and reeks of rotten meat. Marble statues. Lattice of heavy beams. 4 rusty iron chains. Skeletal arms and legs hang from each. Bones scattered on the floor. Double row of three cates at the end.
Pair of torches. Distant doors ajar.
It seems like one of the bodies just moved.

Leroy headed in
Checked the pile on the right: The cage opens up and dropped a skeleton on me. I did not dodge out of the way.
Cages seem to be chained to the rafters.
The chain is attached to some sort of device along a track or rail.
Lynette tried to climb up the wall.
Leroy tried to acid splash a chain.
The light source at the end of the corridor seemed to go out.
Knowledge: Dungeoneering – Disable Device would be the best way to go. +5 on that check.
Knowledge: Engineering- most weapons would eventually get through but probably ruin the weapon.
My cage slides forward when the hound arcon appeared.
Just the four cages rotated.
The hound arcon teleported to the ground under the next cage.

Faintly glowing sphere of light that attempts to electrocute the barbarian.
Summoned Manty- but, since the arcon teleported out…
It grabbed Manty.
I summoned a celestial dog onto the space.

Wrecked altar. All of the alcoves and coffins have been smashed open. Nothing of value.

Floated in and began scrapping the loot into the square near me.
Gathered up what was in front of me.
Treasure Pile 1 gathered
Xaxis flew in and healed the creature in the cage.
Treasure Pile 2 gathered
Treasure Pile 3 gathered.

Xaxis flew up to heal the human in the cage. Dressed in typical in adventuring garb, proper gear on him.
Woke up and said, What happened? Who are you?
Tharr- I’m glad you asked! We’re the Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon- I’m sure you’ve heard of us!

Leroy slowly but surely filled the
Treasure Pile 4 gathered.
The human tinkered with the claw and fell to the ground. Claw went after him but doesn’t seem to be working… He said not to trigger anymore…
Flew up and looked at the time release treasure chest. It seems he was dead.

Xaxis and I flew him out.
Me and my friend were here for some personal gain and bit off more than I could chew.
Amil – found a map to this place. Terrible traps- caught here.

Triggered all of the remaining ones and gathered the remaining piles:

5 pouches
(280 gold)
3 eye agates
5 moon stones
2 amethysts
Scroll case – rolled up scroll
Golden cloak pen set with diamonds
Amil requests that he takes the possessions from his companion.

I will stay at a distance as I could not possibly take another hit or two…
I cast a cure moderate on Amil- almost to max again
As we get closer we notice two large creatures laying in the middle of a pile of stuff.
Part giant lion and part dragon. Brass colored wings from its shoulder, mane is thick and course.
Know. arcana (33)
Dragonnas- hybrid between a lion and dragon, typically very territorial. Do not recall any information about their breath.
One looks up from laying down…
Ramirez yelled- they said something in response about leaving their hoard alone…
The orc monster tried to talk them into something…
It responded, we are hungry- if you give one of you as a sacrifice we will give you the item you seek…
They said, do you accept our deal or do you leave?

You came here, we assumed you know what you were talking about- provide us a meal or leave.
Cast Locate Object- in that direction.
They said, Send someone forward now or leave. Last warning.
Starting casting defensive spells and buffs whilest the Orc ran back to retrieve the corpse from the trap room…
They yelled, Leave while we feast- then come back for the item.
They tried to dig in and the 3 celetial bison fought back
More spells as we slowly moved forward.
The stupid orc ignored my advice, dragging the corpse down the hall…

Gathering up the lootz
300 pp
1 Amethyst
Pair of Gauntlets
369 gp
8675 sp
M – scroll and gauntlets

We rested overnight to restore our spells.
Used 3 dimensional doors to get past the traps.
1st – Amil, Lynette, Ramirez, myself – to town: 50
2nd – heading back: 63
3rd – Xaxis, Corpse Hugger: 40

No issues
6+1 – 1
5+1 – 2
4+1 – 3
3+1 – 4
2+1 – 5

Session 44

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

6th of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)

Mid afternoon
Looking for the local ZAG outpost
Gathered Info: In the Junction District, in the center of the city, a big bizarre
Along the second ring.
Building has the marking of the guild- a little nicer than the previous town.
Guildmaster Snyder
Headed in.
A couple of jobs…
I am charged with tracking down an object…
The Duskstone Amulet recovery.
Idea of the location- there might be some resistance there…
Residual traps- abandoned dungeon.
Random denizens and existing traps.
Eastward out of city- not taking either roads- about a day’s travel. A good scout type might be able to find trails leading to it.
It looks like a setting sun- a certain amount of radiance to it. It will glow especially bright around dusk.
If it’s cracked, you might want to be careful- don’t break it.
Additional jobs:
Reports outside the city leading off to the NE – talk of a standing mist that leaves dead in its wake. Those that have been killed by it look like they’ve been braced by the cold of death- total fear on their face and cold to the touch.
Settlement to the south- Hilreen- problems with giant spiders.
They don’t have their own guild. They sent word up here.
Talk to the mayor of Hilreen- she’ll be able to point you in the right direction.
Ramirez shared Azana with Snyder…

We decided to head eastward
More detail- on the way to Tasigo – we’ve had reports – NE gate towards tasigo- don’t run into anything after a half-days travel.
The Inn-and-Out – less than reputable looking inn…
The Fox and the Hound Inn – walls are lined with various wild animals- looks and feels like a hunting lodge.
Some aged looking wooden tables and chairs. Barkeep is cleaning out a glass with a rag.
There were a couple hunters who came in- said they observed some sort of cloud/mist deal. A couple who were on foot got caught in it- and they died.
Any of the survivors- Jethro- raccoon cap.
House Ale – 2sp
5 sp- 2 meals and a room.
7 sp

Mysterious fog- strangest thing I ever saw- just like fog, like a mist.
No tracks- signs anything was moving inside of the fog. Just float in an floated out.
I feel for them- there wasn’t much we could do.
A chill in the air.
No marks- just looked like they into the eyes of the abyss
Checked the codex for killing fog…
(rolled 18)
Nothing returned
Checked Duskstone Amulet
(rolled 17)

Wracked my mind about mysterious killing fogs. (26 arcana)
Based on what I heard- I feel like I recall a reference of something that can be found in dungeons…
(20 dungeoneering)
Reasons unknown, in the magical mayhem of certain spell effects take on sentience and refuse to dissipate- killing for pleasure, not for food. A killing spell. Appear to be identical to spell effects, except they linger and writh with definite purpose.
Shared what I had learned with the other two clerics…

Meet up in the morning.
7th of Aen
Almost immediately out of the gate we saw the mist
Floating out of the trees is a fog bank radiating cold.
The arrows do seem to have hit some resistance…
Ghost Touch Weapon
Light of Venya
Shield of Faith Mass

Lynette shot the cloud to death.

Milling about in the woods for a while we found a trail and we followed it.
2nd one worked as well.
3 percentiles passed.
Found an entrance to a ruined structure

Camped for the night to heal up and renewed spells

Ebon eyes on the three poorly-eyed ones
Usual 3 magic vestments
Cast fly
Grotesque mosaic of undead faces cover every wall, floor, and ceiling of this room.
Lich face
Zombie Face
Skeleton Face

It moved up and stabbed a lich with its axe. Nothing seemed to happen.
Ramirez made a magical bridge across the tiles.
Xaxis got up on the bridge- the tile below him exploded in dust.
2 negative levels
The creature decided to run across and triggered a different tile
Wooden door – aged – no noticeable lock, simple pull handle- singed a little bit.
Cast fly on Xaxis and told him to keep up
Sliding rock- corridor begins to shift to one side.
Front and back become stone- behind is a darkened chamber
Gaunt, unshaven man steps out- look, my pets- you’ll eat well tonight.
Rats attacked and he hit me with a magic missile.
I cast night shield- and then the crazy guy tried to zap me with a wand.
Xaxis created water to wash some of them away.
I hit the wizard with a flamestrike and then the walls crushed Xaxis and I.
Dimensional door to get Xaxis and I out.
Then I flew down the hall, shifted Lynette out, and then I proceeded on to loot the wizard’s corpse.
Ragged wool clothing
2 daggers
3 empty leather pouches
Fragments of multiple humanoids – 2 daggers, 2 great axes, 1 longsword, 1 small wooden shield.
Used one more dimensional door to get out of the room.
Then they got down the hall…

Session 43

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

25th of Juke
Group loot: 76 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)
Valreni in South Kosuna

Teleported us back safely.

Lynette went by the main guild hall and she accepted the job on our behalf
Lynette: I heard reports that one of us is needed back at the keep…
I jumped Eris back to the keep via teleport.
Made it to the keep with no issues…

26th of Juke
Made it back to town.
Lynette shared from ZAG:
They want us to recover a duskstone amulet
Our contact is in Enillos – Guildmaster Snyder – the guildmaster there.
Gold Level Job
Eris decided to stay…
Taking the road east to Celethas…
First day uneventful…
Evening was uneventful.
Day two uneventful.
Day three uneventful.
Day four uneventful..
Day 5 – 30th of Juke (d100 – 100)
We passed through some tree cover- there is a lone figure, in the middle of the road.
Scrawny looking orc with chain shirt with a ferret around his neck. Large axe on his back. Cloak.

I recently spent many years in a monestary and speak nothing but draconic.
I cast light of venya.
Middle of fifth day of travel- 3 or 4 in the afternoon.
New Guy- I came from a monastery 1 day north from the town.
I cast detect magic
Cloak, axe, belt, boots, stone, backpack
It said it would not be opposed to joining a group and traveling.

I am Leroy
Nibbler the Vermin
Lynette handed Leroy an Azana pamphlet

We arrived safely on the 30th in Celethas.
What makes it special? Between two much larger cities. People wanted a decent place to stop over.
Abundant wood and a couple of decent quarries for minerals.
There is a monastery – the Temple of the Scale – built around worship of dragons and dragon kind. Mostly keep to themselves. Very devout in their belief system.
The districts in the town- one of the districts – the dig- is built around a quarry. A decent inn for travelers and miners as well.
The Pick and Pay Inn
Quartermaster’s Keep

Detect Law
Detect Chaos
Detect Good
Zone of Truth

Detect Good – none detected.
Detect Law on the creature – does not trigger on the creature…
Detect Chaos – does not detect an aura.
Cast augury over the possibility of the creature joining the party.
I get the nothing result. Cannot tell what a failed attempt- actions that don’t have especially good or bad results.
I cast Zone of Truth and questioned it…
How many dwarves have you killed?
I killed some but it was not as if I had a choice.
It was either take part in the battle or be killed.
I was born into the trip to a slave woman but the tribe made me- Either fight for the tribe or be murdered.
How long have you worshiped the god Nerull?
He said who?
Do you worship a deity?

I believe I used that piece of paper last night to clean myself…
Lynette asked if he had read the pamphlet?
No, but I still have it.
Lynette said
Why did they throw you out of the monastery?
I left of my own free will.
Do you twist everything that is said to you.
Lynette said there were a couple of monasteries near the battlefield- inclusiveness was one of the things.
It said it doubted an army would survive an encounter with a monastery of dragon disciples…
How big is your monastery? There were several hundred of us…
Townsfolk said about a 5 ½ day trip.
Tharr and Leroy – First Watch
Lynette – Second Watch
Ramirez and Xaxis – Third Watch
Day one uneventful
Day two – 2nd Aen – walking down the road
An ogre comes raging out from cover. Wielding a great club.
I backed up and cast haste.
…and Lynette dropped him. She shot him with a pamphlet arrow.
Armor, club, and ring glow…
Rest of the day was uneventful.
Day three – uneventful
Day four – uneventful
Day five – uneventful
6th of Aen- mid-day – Enillos
Looking for a magic shop
Magic Things for U – upscale and trendy
120 ea. – -360 gp
Greatclub – basic enhancement (1200 gp)
Hide Armor – basic enchantment (550 gp)
Ring of Protection – basic type (1000 gp) – Xaxis bought out

2750 – 360

140gp to group loot
450 ea. share
6th of Aen
Group loot: 90 pp, 10gp, 3sp, 3cp; (including Ramirez’s donated loot)
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (
2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)

Session 42

Tharr’s rough notes:

15th of Juke
Group loot: 66 pp, 0gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)
Valreni in South Kosuna

Basement cont.
Human dressed in standard clothing wielding a crossbow!
Did you know there’s some tunnels back there…
Get in here!
We headed in…
He pushed the bookshelves closed.

We are the Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon- I’m sure you’ve heard of us!
This is an Inn
Those tunnels are for official use only by the guild.
You somehow survived? We might have some use for you people that don’t use such finesse…
Wait down here- I must consult with the others.
Detect Magic- looked around the room. Nothing in the room except our gear…
Lynette thinks that the old woman might be a member of this organization…
Book looks like a ledger- consistent with business per day.
After about an hour of waiting he returns with another guy (guard).
These are the ones who ‘dealt with’ the problem? Haven’t confirmed it.
We’ve talked with the rest of the leadership- you’ve actually helped us with a matter we were unable to deal with. Willing to let your trespassing in our tunnel system- might be a reward in it for you.
Yeah, somebody let some bad stuff into them while we were trying to use them. Come back in a day, after we’ve verified they’re clear, and the innkeeper will lead you back here.
3 rooms- 24 gold- from Ramirez
Three of them headed into the tunnel…
The innkeeper and the 2 or 3, didn’t notice any matching rings or holy symbols.
The Inn – The Lantern and Cane Inn – Homestead District – same as the Sophie (Old Woman).
Made our way back- she seemed surprised to see us enter from her door.
Well, take my scarf as proof of completion.
Back to the ZAG.
Turned in the scarf. I’ll send it to the home office- Ramirez’s second job.
100 sp & Coral (to group loot)

Most of us went to the Temple of Pelor (and Fh….) in the Faith District
Ramirez (and Lynette) went to find a scribe…
Xaxis bought 4 lesser restoration scrolls and paid for a full restoration for Not-Merry.
‘You have been saved by the Light of Azana. Please come to her church and worship her.’
60 leaflets – 9sp/1gp. 1 additional gold- to deliver it to Sophie.
100 arrow scrolls for Lynette.

The Lantern and Cane Inn
Next morning on the 16th
Still a lot of mess to clean up.
You did us a great service by clearing that up- we require your secrecy for their existence and usage.
The tunnel is for official guild use. You could call us a problem resolution guild.
A couple weeks back we had, um, an unexpected guest within the tunnels- I assume one of our guild members was replaced. It was the body of our guild member but they were no longer there- they were changed. We had to vacate and we did not have time to resolve the issue.
We are prepared to pay you for your services. I don’t know the initiating party of the infiltration- certainly seemed to be tied to bringing back from the dead.
Here is some stuff- don’t use our tunnels without our permission.
Don’t find us- we’ll find you. Do not return to the inn asking about official business- are we clear?
Platinum (100)
Gold (1300)
2 fire opals
1 violet garnet
1 potion *
Throwing knife made from a seamless piece of black metal. *
And may the guild forever watch you from the shadows…
As we’re walking around looking for a magic shop…
It seems there’s a temple to Azana here…
Coin and Trade District – Things of Wonder Item Shop
120 gp 240gp for both items
Potion that gives you the greater magic fang – 1 natural weapon on attacks and rolls. (1600 gp)
Knife of Strange Metals – Meteoric Knife. 3 charges per day – enhances the magical properties. 1 charge to return. 2 Charges
returning and flaming. 3 charge- flaming, returning, explosive damage on hit. (1500 gp)
1000+1300+2000+500+1600+1500-240 = 7660
=1532 gp ea.
Hit level 5 cleric, 4 Paragnostic Apostle
Ramirez and Not-Merry went to do some pit fighting whilest we trained.

25th of Juke

I teleported Xaxis and Lynette and myself to Whisper
Sold +1 chain shirt and +1 heavy shield
Bought +1 Heavy Mithril Shield & +1 Mithril Chain Blueshine +1
-3784 gp
Start: 9133.7 then 5349.7 gp
Teleported us back safely.
Lynette went by the main guild hall and she accepted the job on our behalf

Session 41

Tharr’s Rough notes:

15th of Juke
Group loot: 66 pp, 0gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)
Valreni in South Kosuna

Xaxis took a look- the bodies appeared to be human.
These bodies appear to have been attacked viciously by some sort of slashing weapons or claws. Dressed like various professions- craftsman and civilian clothing.

Rising from each of the three corpses- look like humans but with diaphanous and faintly luminous.
They moaned, Join us!

Ramirez flew in to check the other corpses…
These bodies have been slain, covered in pus and disease.

Bursting from the pile
A grotesque humanoid creature with myriad lumps that move just under it’s skin
Resembles a corspse

It grabbed Ramirez and puked rats and pus on him…

Aeris got knocked down to negative- I saved her with a close wounds.
Xaxis rushed over to heal her- and did- but then got knocked out.
Aeris poured a potion in Xaxis mouth.
I used my lesser restoration scroll to restore the remainder of Aeri’s negative levels…
Bookshelf pushes open to reveal a basement…

Session 40

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

15th of Juke
Group loot: 66 pp, 0gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)
Valreni in South Kosuna

In the Coin and Trade District
The Gem Exchange
Pearls are extremely prominent in the gem exchange.

To the Zegaran Adventurer’s Guild
Wheelwright District
Simple accommodations- a couple of chairs, table- single individual behind a desk, set of stair heading upstairs.
Guildmaster Kotter
A couple of months ago that we moved operations out in this direction- Enillos, Tydra, Xaveron, and Mizunah
Zag stones are up.
1 job – Copper Level – a local townswoman who is having problems with rats in the basement. Her husband is no longer around. She was able to throw a couple of silver our way.
Hasn’t heard of RARE having set up an office in the area.
Necromancers or undead in the area. But from travelers from the north- North Kesuna and in the northern parts of South Kosuna there have been some issues.
Not sure about a Nerull connection.
Perpetrators don’t last long enough for us to last- but, I don’t know, wasn’t really mentioned.
Guardians of the Green? No really, they stay away from the big cities- some of the smaller towns see more action from them.
Ramirez decided to do the rats in the basement solo since it was so under-leveled.
See someone who needs help or other adventuring types. Recruitment and attracting contracts.
Other job boards in town? We could knock out the missions and tell them where we came from?
This city is immense- wouldn’t even know what to look…

Xaxis is looking for the local Pelorian shrine/temple…
Tharr went looking for a Fharlanghn temple…

Ramiraz & Lynette and Eris went to the house of Sophie Hartkamp.
Lynette and Eris came and got Xaxis and I to assist…
A secret passage behind the bookshelf.
Rest of the group returns in about an hour…

Ebon Eyes – lvl 1 – fully charged – 750 – 50 charges

Moved down the passage to an underground river…
Terrifying bat with a body as big as a horse. With leathery wings larger than a dragon. Shagged fur with patches of bony armor showing through here and there.

I saved Eris twice by killing her bat, then Eris saved Lynette by killing her bat.
Eris got grabbed again and the bat was flying away with her.
First damage the party took was from the party- Ramirez’s fumble hit Lynette (who was going batty at the thyme)
I cast fly to go up the tunnel where the bat flew off…
Made it to the purch- a bunch of bones with scrabs of clothing. Big enough for about 2 of the bats.
Nothing jumped out as having any intrinsic value.
Xaxis took a look- the bodies appeared to be human.


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