Tales of Tolgard

Session 54

Mai 16th

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

16th of Mai
Group Loot: 60 pp, 97 sp, 9 cp

Walking down the road
See some creepy old mysterious guy standing behind a road side stand.

Greetings, travelers! Would you like a free mysterious trinket?
On the stand- 6 trinkets!
Dropped 3 sheets of parchment on the counter.

No two are even remotely the same
A jade figurine of an elephant
Series of interlocking rings with a small metal figure inside
A tree with a bird in it
A non-descript rock with a couple of strange markings on it
A skull made out of ivory
Horse drawn cart made out of wood but the inside of the cart has straw in it

He handed me a token as well as Ramirez
Ramirez claimed the elephant
I picked up the skull fist-sized skull
Zeff picked up the rock
Carl picked up the tree with the bird

Picked the items that matched your deities

I go by many names…
Everything went dark
We woke up in a prison area. All of us were in different cells. There is a rack. A set of double doors and a watering hole.
Everyone feels a little light headed.
The skull is in my possessions.

Cast detect magic and started looking around.
Set of double doors opens and a person in guard garb enters.
I’m glad to see you’re all up crazy night last night.
You all entered the city ranting lunatics- had to lock you up for the night.
What town is this?
-This is serpent!
If you promise not to cause a scene I’ll let you out.
The guard opened a cabinet in the wall and pulled out some keys.

Exited the cells- a little area- administration
Today is the 17th of Mai
The skull does glow

The Skull – strong magic, can’t tell the school
Rock – overwhelming
Tree and bird – strong

Followed Ramirez out of the north gate
Took out the skull and looked at it
It seems to be finely crafted with no imperfections- not crafted from tools. The more I look at it the more it seems to look back into me. A sense of longing in the empty eye sockets.
Ramirez knocked it out of my hands.
I picked it up, without looking at it, and dropped it in my backpack.

Heading north to Greysand
Walking- Zeff reaches into his bag, pulls out the rock, rubs it and speaks a word in a strange language

Inside of some sort of cave. Luminescent green slime here and there. Sparkles of something shiny off in the distance. Series of loud growling noises coming from above.
Pair of heavily muscled reptiles on 4 limbs. Dark and red scales are scarred and chipped- unchecked rage in their visage.
Got charged
Got clawed – Protection Devotion, then used my boots to teleport without error 60 feet away.
Throne looking thing with money and treasure

The paladin was down…
I dropped a flamestrike and hit them both
Ramirez dropped but didn’t die- I used my boots again and healed him.

Stone jumped up and landed nearby, digging itself in the ground.
A stone version of Zeff appeared where the stone went…

I’ll take his +3 Heavy Mithril Shield
Sell my +1 and give him the money

Over to the throne- a large number of bones of various animals and people. Larger skeletons in the three pools.
Nightmarish flying starfish. At the end of each head is a human-like head.

Terrible shriek


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