Tales of Tolgard

Session 42

Tharr’s rough notes:

15th of Juke
Group loot: 66 pp, 0gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)
Valreni in South Kosuna

Basement cont.
Human dressed in standard clothing wielding a crossbow!
Did you know there’s some tunnels back there…
Get in here!
We headed in…
He pushed the bookshelves closed.

We are the Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon- I’m sure you’ve heard of us!
This is an Inn
Those tunnels are for official use only by the guild.
You somehow survived? We might have some use for you people that don’t use such finesse…
Wait down here- I must consult with the others.
Detect Magic- looked around the room. Nothing in the room except our gear…
Lynette thinks that the old woman might be a member of this organization…
Book looks like a ledger- consistent with business per day.
After about an hour of waiting he returns with another guy (guard).
These are the ones who ‘dealt with’ the problem? Haven’t confirmed it.
We’ve talked with the rest of the leadership- you’ve actually helped us with a matter we were unable to deal with. Willing to let your trespassing in our tunnel system- might be a reward in it for you.
Yeah, somebody let some bad stuff into them while we were trying to use them. Come back in a day, after we’ve verified they’re clear, and the innkeeper will lead you back here.
3 rooms- 24 gold- from Ramirez
Three of them headed into the tunnel…
The innkeeper and the 2 or 3, didn’t notice any matching rings or holy symbols.
The Inn – The Lantern and Cane Inn – Homestead District – same as the Sophie (Old Woman).
Made our way back- she seemed surprised to see us enter from her door.
Well, take my scarf as proof of completion.
Back to the ZAG.
Turned in the scarf. I’ll send it to the home office- Ramirez’s second job.
100 sp & Coral (to group loot)

Most of us went to the Temple of Pelor (and Fh….) in the Faith District
Ramirez (and Lynette) went to find a scribe…
Xaxis bought 4 lesser restoration scrolls and paid for a full restoration for Not-Merry.
‘You have been saved by the Light of Azana. Please come to her church and worship her.’
60 leaflets – 9sp/1gp. 1 additional gold- to deliver it to Sophie.
100 arrow scrolls for Lynette.

The Lantern and Cane Inn
Next morning on the 16th
Still a lot of mess to clean up.
You did us a great service by clearing that up- we require your secrecy for their existence and usage.
The tunnel is for official guild use. You could call us a problem resolution guild.
A couple weeks back we had, um, an unexpected guest within the tunnels- I assume one of our guild members was replaced. It was the body of our guild member but they were no longer there- they were changed. We had to vacate and we did not have time to resolve the issue.
We are prepared to pay you for your services. I don’t know the initiating party of the infiltration- certainly seemed to be tied to bringing back from the dead.
Here is some stuff- don’t use our tunnels without our permission.
Don’t find us- we’ll find you. Do not return to the inn asking about official business- are we clear?
Platinum (100)
Gold (1300)
2 fire opals
1 violet garnet
1 potion *
Throwing knife made from a seamless piece of black metal. *
And may the guild forever watch you from the shadows…
As we’re walking around looking for a magic shop…
It seems there’s a temple to Azana here…
Coin and Trade District – Things of Wonder Item Shop
120 gp 240gp for both items
Potion that gives you the greater magic fang – 1 natural weapon on attacks and rolls. (1600 gp)
Knife of Strange Metals – Meteoric Knife. 3 charges per day – enhances the magical properties. 1 charge to return. 2 Charges
returning and flaming. 3 charge- flaming, returning, explosive damage on hit. (1500 gp)
1000+1300+2000+500+1600+1500-240 = 7660
=1532 gp ea.
Hit level 5 cleric, 4 Paragnostic Apostle
Ramirez and Not-Merry went to do some pit fighting whilest we trained.

25th of Juke

I teleported Xaxis and Lynette and myself to Whisper
Sold +1 chain shirt and +1 heavy shield
Bought +1 Heavy Mithril Shield & +1 Mithril Chain Blueshine +1
-3784 gp
Start: 9133.7 then 5349.7 gp
Teleported us back safely.
Lynette went by the main guild hall and she accepted the job on our behalf


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