Tales of Tolgard

Session 39

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

2nd of Juke
Group loot: 66 pp, 0gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)

Star shard – Loremaster’s Codex – no entry

Take out time and travel at half speed

Traveling along the road from Firefeather to Folly, what is a landmark we should look for in seeking the diamondheart?
The path is not marked by milestones but by tragedy if you look close enough.

On our first day out- scanning closely- about halfway through our first day- note what looks like some dried blood on some of the leaves- which we might have missed at a faster pace.
Followed the bloody leaves.
Broke through about 20 feet of woods. Followed the blood to a dead courier. A bundle next to him.
Moved up- and then, from the river…
Woody shrubs around us seem to jump to life- like living clusters of slashing branches…
Tried to figure out what they were- some sort of living twig creature, definitely a plant in nature- they are plants animated through the majestic-ness of nature. Don’t appear to be tough. Only effected by things that would affect a plant. Slashing and bashing are good.

Sketch the enemy.
(twig blight)
Xaxis – Heal check- person died about a month ago.
Died from loss of blood from lots of cuts.
Checked the package.
Checked the courier- a shipping manifest for the – single weapon and an address for someone in Folly.
Eris opened the package- the Diamondheart.
I carry the sword.
I helped Xaxis dig a grave and bury the body…

Lynette thinks: Eris says
Delivery service isn’t out of Firefeather. But Inferno…
Not certain where or who for the delivery service…
This wasn’t that difficult to find- so, if the person who ordered it or the delivery service-
We paid 232 gold for the diamondheart info, 2,320 for the item
We paid 237 for the simple info, 2,370 for the item

We headed back to Firefeather.
We headed west towards our settlement and Whisper.
A nice, leisurely 6 ½ day travel- arrived on Juke the 8th

8pm on the 8th

1856 to claim sword (80%) 1856/4 = 464 ea. For her share.
Liquidate Simple Bow – 474 ea. For simple bow

Checked adv. guild for blips…
No joy. No local jobs either.

Called it a nyte.
9th of Juke
Cashed in the Simple Bow – for 2375 gp.
475 ea.

Diamondheart – some of these relics are Weapons of Legacy
A profound moment in someone’s life or a grand event. That rare energy, that rare specialness rubs off on an item that already has a magical attunement. A life of it’s own, it’s own legacy. From an event in time… Some grand story occurred with its owner.
Typically it is possible for someone other than the original owner- if they can emulate that owner. Get into the lore of the item to relive it. To peruse that path- alignment with it. Once you rectify any issues- you can spend time with the weapon. You’ll learn these rituals that will release it’s ability. They are often times expensive but the benefits are worth it.
I would recommend if you are going down the route- get really good at discerning history. To discover what processes to align with it.
The weapon in it’s synchronization with you- you will see certain aspects of yourself altered in the process.

+ 475 ea all, + 464 ea. to all BUT Eris

We’re heading north to Inferno…
3 day trip to inferno- no issues.
11th of Juke – arrive in Inferno. Evening.
A 3 day ride…
Check first thing tomorrow morning.
I recalled that the town in South Kesuna right across from Inferno was called: Valreni
6 gold each for the three day trip on the catamaran.
3 pp for all 5 out of group loot.
The person booking the trip doesn’t know the captain- but the ship is called: The Rosemary.
On dock 26.
It is a dual-hulled ship. Twin hulls. For efficient travel, simple sail. Ship is about 60 feet from end to end. Very basic, cramped crew quarters and storage hold.
He’s busy signing the paperwork with the dockmaster. Make yourself at home in the storage area.
He likes to keep to himself. Captain Grieving.
It’s just across the straight there- the water is rougher at the edge connecting to the ocean. Sea monsters are not normally a concern. It is the most exposed part to the currents- this ship isn’t really equipped to deal with stormy seas. It’s dual hulls and lightness- deals well with storms but might be nauseous. Should make the trip in 3 days.
Here’s the captain now- make your way inside. Plenty of time to meet him once we’re at sea. As were going into the hold- the guy yells, captain on ship!
Captain- prepare ship for sail!
Ship sets sail…

Please stay out of the way of our crew! If you distract any of my men. We checked the charts- shouldn’t see too much in the way of problems- never can tell with these freak storms that pop up. They do cause a bit of a system. In the event of a storm stay below deck and secure yourself below and tie yourself to the hull. Otherwise you’ll be bouncing around like an apple in barrel…

2nd day – rolled a 98 and a 01 on the same day.
And shit got real…
All of us, save Xaxis, were chillin’ on the deck when the ship was attacked by a giant octopus!
Yells- everyone get below deck- I’ll try to get out of it’s grip…
The captain stabbed it to death, saving us.

Ship pulled in at sunset at Valreni on the third day. 14th of Juke.
Lynette said, If I ever die- I want you to bring my stuff to the temple.
Looking for the Zegaran Adventurers Guild branch office…
Rameiraz found that the Wheelwright District where we can find the Zegaran Adv. Guild in one of the buildings along the main road.
Head out that way- found a small, run-down building with the sign out front. It’s locked.
Passed a cozy little inn- let’s go back to that.
Stop and Hop inn
(add info on this town to my map)


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