Tales of Tolgard

Session 38

Tharr’s Rough Notes:

27th of Fate
Group loot: 96 pp, 2gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (4 missions to 3rd gemstone) (29 done)

Where do you hail from? (to Ramirez)
Distant lands- I’ve been traveling with Azana.
Noble woman in the eyes of my homeland.

Adventuring Guild- Blip in Firefeather.

RARE – A new lead
Cost – 150gp
minus 15pp from group loot
The Star Shard
A platinum holy symbol. Not tied to a specific deity. It resembles an alien-like rock. It is always warm to the touch. Will keep its wearer warm in the coldest surroundings.
Tied to a brother Grafaris in the town Tydra. Simple cleric – ran a small congression – into the later parts of his life. Found a gem mine- sudden source of wealth. News spread so did interest grow in taking them from the town by force. Incoming invaders were coming- town folk flocked to the brother. He said he would do what he could.
It doesn’t look like platinum- but it is made of/counts as platinum.

I checked my maps of Keshiki for the town of Tydra…

A couple of courier groups around here- the need for communication. Hit up the Professionals District. Seek out- the most well established – Whisper Couriers. Started when the city was first founded.

Deeper Lore
75 gp per inquiry

Strengths and Weaknesses of Dragons (old or older)

Strategies for fighting dragons (old or older)

Multi-colored dragons (colors and metals)

The Star Shard

30 pp total- ½ now, 1/2 on delivery / Also, we will wait at least a month – the first of Aen

Found the couriers main hub. An old looking building. Greeted at the front desk.
It is not packaged yet.
We do not put our couriers life at risk- if they are accosted, we ask them to give up the funds.
We can charge for additional protection.
We can do this delivery for 60 gold- that will cover the guards and the couriers.

96 pp
minus 15 star shard
81 pp
minus 15 for Deeper Lore down payment
66 pp
minus 6 pp for guarded delivery
60 pp

What towns do you have offices in?
Firefeather, Inferno, and Perish in addition to Whisper.
Should arrive two days from now.
Got a receipt from him written on parchment.

Heading to the keep.

Offer them 5 gp /day and free lodging.
We’re paying them 8gp a day- drop them down to 4gp /day + land and management rights.
They have contacts in the guild that might be interested in retiring/joining the community.

Come back in a couple more hours…
Head priest waits for the group to return before taking us into the inner sanctum.
She waves her hand and a portal appeared.
Spellcraft- I could not identify the spell.
Step through the inside wall of the Keep.
The stuff is here that we instructed them to deliver. Ramirez wondered around looking at everything.
Cuthwin is at the top- relatively surprised to see us come from inside the keep.
Cowen is overlooking security at the town.

That inner sanctum is in another part of the plane…
We headed down to meet with Coleman.
Pretty good- we got the inn up and running. Made some progress cutting down some of the wood.
Established a hunting lodge on the end of the woods. A little bit of a trading post to sell their furs and whatnot.
Moving to phase 2- stockpiling the lumber for future buildings. No instructions on what else to build.
Occasionally people come through and spend the night.

Lynette shared the plan- reduce their rate, provide them some land, and give them permission to charge reasonable taxes. Provide them the rights to make decisions on
We’re going to jump start our coffers with 500gp – charge taxes to refresh that. When it hits equilibrium.
The contract with the first set of workers ran out- they’ve already returned to Whisper. We’re gonna send one of us to re-contract them with something long term. We’re playing the lumberers a daily wage plus a bonus per tree. The hunters are just doing their own thing.
Stone in the area? Probably do so in the hill by the keep.
Farrier/blacksmith seems like a good addition.
Hand 50 pp for the starter coffers.
Deepshade Resources.

1 week until completion- retcon above- don’t have to send back for the workers, still here…
Spent the rest of the day getting to know the location and the workers.

28th headed east to Firefeather
3 days of travel- made it to Firefeather
30th of Fate-
Codex Check
Multicolordragon search:

Dragons typically come in color groups and metal groups.
Such as Tiamat
Shadow Dragon and Faerie Dragons
Planar Dragons and Especially drakes.

Juke the 1st- next morning.
Adventuring Guild – checking the blip.
Silver Level Job – The New Residents – We’ve heard reports near the coast at the bottom of the cliffs- a new group of lizardfolk have shown up and are causing problems for the ships coming to a from [Firefeather]. We would like them to be neutralized.
Paid for by a conglomeration of sea-fairing companies.
Attacks by a scouting group- not sure the extent of the threat. At least deal with the scouting group.

Simple Bow – Monastery in the region of Firefeather- presumed to be the final resting place.
Diamondheart- between Firefeather and Folly.

Heading to the records office to check on monestaries in the area.
Group Funds – 10pp and change
Raollin – city clerk in firefeather – Diamondheart
Hall of Records – dusty old building with dusty, old records everywhere.

Know anything about an old, abandoned monastery in the area…
The Diamonheart- that was sent out towards Folly via land.
Which company? They didn’t give the name- since sent for a collector- wanted a certain amount of anonymity. Feel like it was a local group.
It came from the west, not from a ship.
I believe from the paperwork that it had originated in Inferno…
When did it leave Firefeather- about a month or so ago. The date was: Dresdin the 8th

Back in 15 minutes- pretty old- back slightly towards Whisper a couple of hours- a path off (last reported use was about 10 years ago) – unscrolled a map to point it out. An hour or so back and look for a path.

Thank you for your help! Paid 2 gp from group loot.
On the edge of the city is a very large elevator/crane kind of thing.
We took the elevator down.
Made it down alive!

Pretty busy port. Not as big as Inferno.
Asking after the dockmaster- got directions to him.
Yeah, I’m busy- what do you need.
On the far end of the docks- where the beach comes up. Some lizard people have been attacking.
Got to the edge of the dock where the beach meets up. A bunch of busted boxes- blood in the sand.
I attempted to follow the tracks.
Ramirez said a word and his armor appeared.
Leads to a cave.
Xaxis cast light on his shield before I could mention Ebon Eyes. Ah, well…
An arrow flew out and hit her. Or might have for a lesser warrior…

Caves go about 40-50 feet in. Camp fire in there and various bloody clothing, some various broken and scavenged goods, and that’s it.
Search the cave.
Copper, silver, and gold coins- equal out to 150 gp. A fire opal.
Each has a long spear and a long bow.
4 long spears & 4 long bows.
Various arrows to Lynette.
Talked to the dockmaster about it.
We’ll send some people out there as soon as we can spare the hands.
I can spare one person to report to the guild for me.
Called over dockworker Amiel to go with us. We escorted him to the guild.
Ramirez signed up and got his copper ring.

Group loot: 10 pp, 0gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)

Docks were a little stingy:
A pair of thick, heavy boots with iron reinforcements
1650 gp
minus 100 gp
Steadfast boots which help you stay on your feet. (750 gp for them)
4 long spears
4 long bows – (760 for all 8)

1650 + 750 + 760 – 100 = 3060

+ group 560gp

2500 to split
500 gp ea.

Group loot: 66 pp, 0gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (+2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (3 missions to 3rd gemstone) (30 done)

Heading to the Monastery- same day.
Scattered ruing surrounded by dense forest. Only one building that’s remotely standing. A single door.
There is no door. Light gets through due to damage of the walls and roof. Rough, damaged stone floor.
Got everyone Eboned up and we headed down the steps…

Roughly hewn chamber. 9 Terracata warriors once existed here but only 3 remain. Then they attacked!


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