Tales of Tolgard

Session 35

Tharr’s Rough Notes

Day of Fate 4th 2329HR Fluff Scale static at #14 in box
Group loot: 55 pp, 2gp, 3sp, 3cp;
Bark Skin Potion (2 Nat AC), Cure Light Potion (1d8 + 1)
Guard Gear: Sh Sword (10 gp), Dastana (25 gp), Hy Steel Sh (20 gp), 4 cure light potions (190 gp)
2 potions of barkskin (
2 Nat AC) (600 gp), 2 casks Spirits {Cuthwin & Coleman}
No Effie / One Gemstones at the Gold Level (Sapphire, Ruby) (4 missions to 3rd gemstone) (29 done)

[Portable Ram, The Web, Shovel, Hammer, Miner’s Pick, Sledge in wagon heading to town]
Bolt Cutters & Portable Ram carried by Garreth.

3340 gp for mithril chain blueshine shirt +1 (3006 discounted) 10% Discount
Selling Chain Shirt +1 (~520 gp)

1020 gp for Heavy mithril shield (918 gp) 10% Discount
2020 gp Heavy mithril shield +1 (1818gp) 10% Discount
Selling Heavy Steel Shield +1 (520 gp)

Set of four cat statues. Same material as the walls. Look like leopard sized.
Flew in- and then…
The statue splits revealing a horrible maw of teeth. It tried to bite me!
Arcane Knowledge – 30 – heard of stone like creatures such as gargoyles, nothing I’ve ever seen or heard of would have the statues.
Flew past a second one and then Garreth punched on- and got stuck. Then stuck to a second one.
Then a third one got stuck to Gerreth- Lynette

Searched the pedestal- made of the same material as the hallway, smooth to the touch, nothing else abnormal.

Finally got it tipped over and it shattered.
Finally detected some magic on the back wall. Got focused on it. Eventually we had Lynette put her holy symbol for her junior deity against it, and…
The wall slides back slightly and to the side, revealing a corridor.

Dragonlike creatures- lupine features. Jaw is elongated but its wings seems stunted.

Who are you and what are you doing here?

Just fighting some dragon monsters, like you do.

He is dressed in fullplate and he has weapons and armor aplenty.
Well, looks like trouble- he hit a lever and duck into some doors.

The force fields dissipated
Floating out a bulbous body with smaller eyes attached to wiggling stalks.
Four of them from the four portals/force fields


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