Tales of Tolgard

Garreths Interlude

parting of ways

It has been awhile sense I wrote anything. Raiders of the Forsaken Dragon are an interesting group. A little too reserved for my taste but solid when push comes to shove. I have been thinking awhile now that its time to depart. They are setting up a settlement and that’s just what this world needs… more crap in the way of the natural order.

Anyways I need to head off. I left them a note with some of the stuff I had been carrying. I am sure they will become huge legends or die trying..my bets on die trying but you never know.

Im off to find the Guardians and devote my time to their cause. I hope that whomever replaces me isn’t a complete tool.

Maybe or paths will cross again in time.

I hope they don’t trust that Azana .. to much is off about her. The treasure spends well and will get me to where I am going. I just have some issues with the whole situation. that much money comes from somewhere and if they are hiding that trail this good they are up to something.

Until the next time. Bear your burdens well.


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